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What is forbidden for US residents to do in their own homes?

In many countries, even having your own home, you cannot always do whatever you want there. First of all, this concerns the United States. When moving to this country, it should be borne in mind that there are strict rules in the States, which should be strictly adhered to. What is forbidden for US residents to do in their own homes?


Surely, many have seen in American films suburbs with long rows of identical fences. You might think that this happens at the request of the locals. But first of all, this is due to the strict requirements for hedges. First of all, fences are of purely aesthetic significance here, they are built for beauty, and not to protect against burglars.


Lawn maintenance is another strict requirement. Each owner of a private house must carefully monitor his lawn, otherwise, you can get an impressive fine. At the same time, there is a possibility that the high grass in the backyard can still be forgiven for the tenants, then you should not run the yard on the front lawn.


Concerning excessive noise from neighbors, we can again see it in American films. In the States, there are strict rules regarding noise; it is customary here to respect neighbors and not cause them inconvenience. If the tenants exceed the permissible noise level, then the neighbors will not come to them with complaints, but will simply immediately call the police.

Facade finishing

The front of the house is no less important than fences and lawns. The front sides of all houses should be in the same style. If any of the tenants want to show imagination, then you will first have to ask permission from the housing community. And most likely, he will receive a refusal. If you change the facade yourself, the penalty cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is not worth trying.


Restrictions can also apply to the interior of the home. Anything that residents want to change in their house, they must agree with the relevant authorities and obtain a work permit. For example, if you want to make a “hole” in the garage so that it is more convenient to repair the car, then most likely you will have to give up this dream since then it will be extremely difficult to sell such a converted garage.

What is forbidden for US residents to do