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An Immigrant Life

An immigrant life

In the United States, if an immigrant speaks English at once, this is an additional plus. In this case, it is much easier for him to integrate into the society of Americans, find decent housing, and earn a decent money.

Americans take care of the immigrants employment with caution, because they do not know what to expect from a foreigner. It is better, when the employer receives good recommendations for the immigrant, because it’s not so easy to find a job in the USA. Although, if a person speaks English well, he can try his luck: there are a lot of ads about work in newspapers, magazines, the Internet. Salaries in America are not paid monthly, but weekly. However, the person receives his first money only after two weeks of work.


There are several different ways to earn in America, depending on the specialty and skills. For example, a teacher at school receives about $70-80,000 a year, a doctor – $120,000, a bus driver – $60,000 dollars. In New York, the official minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, in Philadelphia – $7.85. That is, for a week a person has about 300 dollars of earnings, and $1200 a month.

It should be noticed that this amount is taxed, and in different states it reaches from 15 to 19 percent. That is, as a result, people get a small salary. Such income have laborers, waiters in fast food, sellers in street shops.


To rent a house in the U.S., you need to earn at least $1500 a month. So, the cheapest room in a poor apartment in a not very prosperous area of ​​New York costs $450 per month, and utilities costs about $120. Food, will starting at $200. The cheapest services of telephone companies are $40 per month. And transport, household chemicals, laundry, and mandatory annual insurance will cost about $550 a year. and as a result, you can not save any cent.

Because of the small salary, new furniture can not be purchased for migrants.

But they do not remain with an empty iving room. Furniture and household appliances: you can take away in special places, where the Americans throw away it. For example, every Thursday in New York, Americans throw out furniture, household appliances, not because they do not work, but simply people decided to update the house interior. Most migrants pick it up for themselves, until they earn for the new ones, there you can find quite good things.


There is no problem with food, because the prices are really funny for that. Only for 2-4 dollars in the U.S. you can fully eat lunch. And not something, but a grilled chicken, its price is so affordable that immigrants who only come to the States, just eat such food. Grilled chicken, bread, water it’s for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

However, even if fortune does not smile to you in America, you will not die of hunger or cold.

Even if you come to the U.S. without any dollar in your pocket, you can find a place to stay overnight for free. In America there are special shelters for people who currently do not have a home. Here you are fed with soup, porridge, give hot tea, allocate a place to sleep. The doors of such shelters are open for everyone around the clock, but it is always better to work more, and have your own home.

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