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Married immigrants receive permanent green cards without interview

The procedure for obtaining green cards for immigrants through marriage has been changed by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

After two years, those who want to get a permanent place of residence must prove that their marriage is valid and real, and not to receive a green card.

This process requires an interview with a USCIS officer in order to remove the conditions on a green card obtained through  marriage.

An immigrant has the right to get a permanent residence while being married to a green card holder, but this process may take several years.

For spouses of US citizens, there are no queues for obtaining a residence permit and, as a rule, they are given a green card within six months.

Like any immigration process in the United States, this is not easy, and requires a whole stack of documents and a successful interview in the Citizenship and Immigration Service, where they have to prove that the marriage is real.

Couples take the interview separately, as they answer private questions about their relationship in order to verify the authenticity of their marriage.

These are some of the new reasons why couples can waive the interview in order to remove the conditions on a green card:

  • The applicant was interviewed earlier;
  • No misrepresentation found in application forms about the facts about their relationship;
  • Sufficient evidence confirming the authenticity of the marriage;
  • Everything on a case is clear and there are no issues to clarify.

But cases involving fraud or government issues must be addressed  by the Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate.

This new procedure will be very beneficial for new immigrants as it will avoid the hassle to go through an unnecessary interview to verify their marriage is real and legal.