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The Illegal Immigrants Rights in the U.S.

The illegal immigrants rights in the U.S.

The illegal immigrant status in any country was not encouraging. Given the recent developments and changes in U.S. law, the illegal immigrant’s life in the U.S. has become much more complicated. Some states easily support the migration decree of the President and take measures to tighten the rules for illegal immigrants.

Driver’s license

According to expert’s permission obtaining the driver’s license to immigrants, this is a very profitable economic decision. And not forImmigrant nothing, because the increase in the car owners number is able to raise the American car industry many times to the new qualitatively level.
California is the most loyal state in this respect, since it is allowed to obtain a driver’s license for illegal immigrants. Of course, California is not the only state that allows it, this list also includes: Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, Vermont, Connecticut, Maryland, but California has the largest number of illegal immigrants.

According to the memorandum of the Ministry of National Security (DACA), to get the driving license can the immigrant’s children, who came to the country in early childhood because of their parents.
The most active opponents of issuing driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, from all 50 states is Nebraska and Arizona. North Carolina limits the ability to enjoy rights; you have to extend their action after a year.

Getting an education

An illegal person can claim for the same education as a U.S. citizenship in 18 American states: Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Florida, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland. Georgia State does not give the right to study at public universities and colleges to illegal residents.

“Shelter” for illegal immigrants

“Shelters” for people outside immigration status are great rescue in some cases. For example, 276 cities and counties in 43 states have decided not to cooperate with the federal authorities (Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regarding deportation issues.

ID cards of illegal immigrants

In Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, New Haven (Connecticut), New York and other cities, illegal immigrants can obtain identity cards that will greatly help to facilitate their life.
But for example, the Arizona’s laws oblige all foreigners to carry a document that confirms their identity and legal status in the country. Here, the police must check the immigration status of all persons who have raised suspicions about their legal residence in the country.

“I was going to Arizona with a speech for the graduates, but then I realized that I could be deported because of the accent, so I refused to go.” Arnold Schwarzenegger joked once about the tough immigration laws in Arizona.

Medical insurance

This is a separate topic, since the luxury of medical insurance is not available for persons without legal immigration status, but this is not hopelessly, there is possibility to use the private medical institutions services. And in some cases illegal immigrants can expect to provide free medical care or a significant discount on it.