In your car

Earlier, it was necessary to have an insurance policy – the Green Card. They were not allowed to enter the country without a policy, but on February 28 it became known that citizens of Ukraine can cross the borders of Poland, Slovakia and Hungary without Green Card policies. This decision was supported by Moldova. Ukrainian border guards also do not require a Green Card policy. For other countries, you will need a policy.

By rail

Already from the western regions, it is possible to get to the Republic of Poland by rail. The Polish Railway allowed Ukrainians to use trains of the TLK and IC categories for free until March 25. To do this, when boarding, it is enough to show an identity document.

From February 25, at all automobile checkpoints on the border with Poland in the Lviv region, as well as at the Ustilug checkpoint in Volyn, people crossing the border on foot are allowed to pass. Before that, crossing the border on foot was possible only at the Shegini checkpoint.

On the government website of the Republic of Poland, it is noted that you can get into the country even without a passport. But in this case, you should apply for international protection at the Polish border. It is important to have another identity document with you and, when questioned at the border, explain that you want to apply for refugee status in Poland. It will also be necessary to explain why you are running away from Ukraine.

Upon arrival in Poland, Ukrainians can take advantage of the assistance offered by the Polish government. You should contact one of the reception points listed below. At these points, you can get food, the opportunity to rest and the necessary information.

To view information about other countries, follow the link:

Asylum for Ukrainian Refugees in Poland