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Immigration Case Status

Overview of the Case Status Update Process Review for a Pending U.S. Immigration Review at USCIS

Procedure Name: Information and instructions on how to check the status of a pending immigration application and how to check the status of a passport application or renewal.
Purpose: Check case status update for pending US immigration application with USCIS, check pending passport with US Department of State.
Eligible applicants: All applicants or petitioners who have a pending immigration application, case or petition in the United States.
 How to apply: Order this guide to learn more details about Case Status Update Process.

How to Check your Immigration Case Status?

There are several options for checking the status of your pending USCIS immigration case: online, online, by phone, by phone at USCIS National Customer Service, by mail, by writing to the appropriate USCIS office, or in person by visiting a local USCIS center (InfoPass entry required).

You can find the status of pending applications, petitions, and cases mailed, submitted or processed at a USCIS service center, and for submitted, electronically submitted through USCIS.

Pending Application Receipt Number

USCIS pending immigration applications or cases have a 13 character application receipt number. This receipt number is usually found on any notices sent by the USCIS to applicants with pending immigration cases. The 13 character immigration receipt number is very important in order to be able to check the status of your case. This receipt number usually starts with three letters like SRC, EAC, WAC or LIN. This guide explains step by step how to check your case status online, by phone or by mail, or how to receive case updates by e-mail or text message. In order to find a receipt number for a pending immigration case the applicant may call the USCIS National Customer Service to inquire about the receipt number.

InfoPass appointment

If USCIS customer service representatives over the phone cannot help you with the information you need on a pending application, or if you have an urgent matter, such as a personal emergency, you can schedule an appointment with InfoPass and travel in person to your local office USCIS to find out about your case.

InfoPass is free, a free service for making an appointment with USCIS over the Internet. InfoPass is available to the public online in 12 different languages.

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      included in this immigration guide:

      • How to find the status of my case with the USCIS?
      • How to check case status information online?
      • When to call the USCIS by phone?
      • How to contact the USCIS National Customer Service Center by phone?
      • How to contact the USCIS by e-mail?
      • How to find the status of my application for naturalization (N-400)?
      • How to check the status of my pending green card replacement (I-90)
      • How to find the case status for a pending asylum application?
      • How to create an e-request for pending N-400 or I-90
      • How to find out the average processing times for immigration petitions or applications
      • Case status information for green card applications
      • Case status information for immigrant visa applications
      • Case status for non-immigrant visa applications
      • Can I find my case status from outside of the U.S.?
      • How to contact the USCIS National Customer Service Center by phone from outside of the U.S.?
      • How to check the status of my pending passport application?
      • How to call the National Passport Information Center by phone?
      • How to contact the National Passport Information Center by e-mail?
      • Premium Processing for employment petitions
      • How to contact the USCIS for green cards not received or received with errors?

      Case status
      Download this information package to view the instructions on checking the status update of a case for a pending USCIS immigration application.

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