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Green Card through Family Relatives

Overview of the Application Process for a Green Card through Family Relatives

Procedure Name: Green Card for family and relatives, the permanent residence in the United States, Form I-130.
Purpose: Green Card Application through Family Relatives.
Eligible applicants: Wife or Husband; Unmarried Children under the age of 21 years old, including Step and Adoptive Children; Parents (Father and Mother).
How to obtain the Green Card through Relatives: Order this guide to learn more details about the application process and to learn how to start Green Card through Relatives application.

How to Apply for a Green Card through American Citizen Relatives?

A Green Card also known as an immigrant visa or Legal Permanent Residence gives you the right to live permanently in the United States.  Legal residents with a green cards have the legal right live, work and study in the United States among many other rights and benefits.

Who is Eligible for a Green Card for Relatives?

Immediate Family Relatives

Extended Family Group In ParkIn general Immediate Family relatives of an American Citizen have the right to apply for a Green Card to come and live in the United States. Relatives in this group can obtain permanent residence in the U.S. very fast because they don’t have to wait for a visa number to become available. For U.S. immigration purposes, the following are considered immediate relatives of a U.S. citizen:

  • Wife or Husband
  • Unmarried Children under the age of 21 years old, including Step and Adoptive Children,
  • Parents (Father and Mother)

Family Preference Category

Other relatives who are also eligible to apply for a Green Card are the ones included in the Family Preference Category. For U.S. immigration purposes, the following relatives of a U.S. citizen are part of the Family Preference Catetory:

  • Brother and Sister including their spouses and their minor children
  • Married or adults Sons and Daughters including their spouses and their minor children

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How to Apply for a Green Card through Family?

The Application for a Green Card or Lawful Permanent Residence through family related is a complex process involving multiple steps. There are few different ways to apply and obtain a Green Card through relatives but also several requirements, procedures, and forms to file. You must present support documentation to prove that you are eligible to apply for a Green Card though your family relatives. In terms of the application the American citizen will be sponsoring his or her relatives and there are several requirements for both the sponsor and the Green Card applicant.

If you are currently in the United States and fall into one of the above categories of relatives, you have the opportunity to become a permanent resident of the United States.

Step 1 – Your relative, a resident of the United States must apply for the Form I-130, Petition for a foreign family member (for you) and the petition must be confirmed. Once the Form I-130 is completed and filed on your behalf by the U.S. citizen with paid money  duty and the required signature, a given number (date) is considered to be your priority date.

Step 2 – After a priority number of your visa category in demand, you can apply for the Form I-485 Regulate the status or the Registration of permanent residence, which is the same. To regulate the status – is the process of changing the status of the current visa to a permanent U.S. resident status.

How to receive a Green Card abroad?

If you are currently outside the United States, and you enter into one of the above categories of relatives (U.S. residents), you have the opportunity to become a permanent resident through consular processing of data. Consular processing of data is the process when USCIS work / cooperate with the the State Department and issues the visas as soon as receives permission and confirmation of the petition, the application form I-130. Once the confirmation is received, the State Department issues an immigrant visa. Once the visa is obtained, you can officially enter the U.S. with this visa and become a permanent resident of the United States. Typically, after a few weeks in the United States, you get your Green Card by mail on your U.S. address.

Important Exceptions

  • The Child Status Protection Act (CSPA). In some cases CSPA may allow the applicant to save classification “child” status, even if the child has reached the age of 21 year. In general, the age of the child will be “frozen” as soon as a citizen of the United States gives him a petition-application Form I-130. It is important to clarify whether the child for whom a petition was filed gets this law support and, if so, the process of obtaining a Green Card will be quite fast.
  • Marriage. If a candidate for the Green Card who is unmarried son or daughter of a U.S. person marries to obtain a permanent residence, he/she qualifies no longer as an “unmarried son / daughter of a U.S. citizen”. In this case there is a change in the category to “married son / daughter of a U.S. citizen.” This change will lead to significant delay in obtaining an immigration visa, therefore, the process of obtaining a Green Card will be much longer and in most cases it takes several years. Applicants must necessarily inform USCIS department of any changes in their marital status after the Form I-130 was filed and before they receive an immigrant visa and a status of permanent U.S. resident.

Information and Instructions about the Green Card through Family Relatives

included in this immigration guide:

Immigration is a complex process and as you start you application you may have several questions about the application process for a family based Green Card. Information and Instructions about the Green Card are included in this immigration guide:

  • What is a Green Card or a Lawful Permanent Resident Card of the United States?
  • General Information about how to apply for a Green Card
  • How to apply for a green card through my American citizen relatives?
  • Which family relatives are eligible to get a green card through a U.S. citizen?
  • What if my relative died? Can I still apply and obtain my green card?
  • After having a green card, can I apply for the United States citizenship?
  • Should we apply in the US to adjust status from another visa to a Green Card? or should we apply at our local US consulate abroad?
  • How to provide and prepare documentation with all support evidence and requirement?
  • What is the difference between a Green Card with conditions and a Permanent Green Card without conditions?
  • What type of forms to file? and how to find helpful links to official forms and instructions
  • For how long do I need to keep my Green Card in order to apply for the United States citizenship?

Green Card through Family Relatives
To learn more about how to apply for a Green Card through American family relatives, and to find answers to the above questions, order this downloadable guide with green card through relatives application instructions.

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