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Green Card Renewal

Overview of the Application Process for the Green Card Renewal

Procedure Name: To renew the Expired Green Card, Form - I-90. A green card is also called Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Receipt Card, Form I-551.
Purpose: To renew, replace or update a green card.

  • The green card renewal application can be used when a green card is expiring within six months or has already expired.
  • A green card was lost, stolen or destroyed.
  • A green card was mutilated.
  • Previous green card was issued by the USCIS but the applicant never received it.
  • The name or other biographic information on a green card has changed and it must be updated.
  • The existing card has incorrect data because of a USCIS error.
  • To replace an older edition of a green card with the current green card type.
  • Green card holders who have reached 14th years of age must renew and replace their green card.
  • The green card replacement application is also used for permanent residents who are taking up commuter status, or a commuter who is taking up residence status, applicants who automatically converted to permanent residence status, and for other reasons or purposes.
Eligible applicants: U.S. Legal Permanent Resident Card Holders (Green Card holders) who are physically present in the United States who need to renew, replace or update their green card.
How to obtain the Green Card: The application must be started while the applicant is physically present inside the U.S. Order this guide to learn more details about the green card renewal application process and to learn how to start your application to renew your permanent resident card.
 How to apply: Order and download this information guide online now to learn how to apply to renew a green card.

Order this information package to learn how to renew or update your Legal Permanent Resident Card. It is important to take into consideration that in general a resident status, also known as a Green Card or Residence, is only valid and granted for people that live or intend to live in the United States. There are certain exceptions for people temporary living out of the U.S. because they or their immediate family either work with the U.S. armed forces abroad, or are a civilian employee of the U.S. Government stationed abroad pursuant to official orders. In these type of cases, the spouse or child must not have relinquished residence, and be preceding or accompanying the member or employee, or be following to join the member or employee in the United States within a few months of his return. Another exception is for people that have a valid re-entry permit and are allowed to live outside of the United States temporarily for up to 2 years, with the intention to go back to live in the U.S. before the expiration of the re-entry permit.

As a green card holder you may leave the U.S. multiple times and re-enter, as long as you do not intend to stay outside the U.S. for 1 year or more, however leaving the U.S. for more than 6 months may already cause suspicious of your intent to abandon your residency. Your travel out of the U.S. must be temporary and you must be able to prove that you didn’t intent to abandon your Legal Permanent Residence in the U.S. If you stay outside of the U.S. for 1 year or more, the immigration officers may assume that you have abandoned your residence, and you may be found inadmissible and denied reentry into the U.S.  Not being able to prove your temporary stay abroad may result in losing your green card. To learn more about how to prove your temporary stay abroad order this guide now.

A Green Card or Permanent Resident Card, also called USCIS Form I-551, is evidence of your registration in accordance with U.S. immigration laws, and serves as proof of your immigration status as a U.S. lawful permanent resident with the right to live and work permanently in the United States. It is important to understand the difference between the card itself, and the status as a permanent resident. The card is just proof of your status, however even if you have a valid card you might be considered out of status, for example in the case that you abandoned your residence in the U.S. and moved to another country; also the opposite may happen as you might have an expired green card but still have a valid status as a legal resident of the U.S.

Expiring Green Card

When your Green card is expiring your status is not expiring, just the proof of your status is what is expiring. You should renew your card to be able to prove that you are a legal resident with the right to live and work in the U.S., and to be in compliance with U.S. immigration regulations, but keep in mind that you are just renewing the card, not your status as a legal resident. Not having a valid Green Card may affect your ability to travel in or out of the U.S. If your green card was issued valid for ten years, and your green card is either expired or will expire within the next six months, then you may file an application to renew your permanent resident card with the USCIS. If a green card does not have any expiration date, then it is probably a very old version and it may no longer be valid, therefore it is recommended to renew it. If you became a permanent resident before you turned 14 years old, you are required to replace your green card once you become 14 years old.

Expiring Conditional Green Card

If you are a Conditional Resident, and your conditional green card is expiring, then do not use the regular USCIS form to renew your Green Card. Instead you must file a Petition to Remove the Conditions on Residence to receive a permanent Green Card (Joint Petition to Remove Conditional Basis of Alien’s Permanent Resident Status). If your green card was obtained through marriage then you and your husband are required to file jointly to remove the conditions on your green card, to receive a permanent resident card. If your green card was obtained through investment then use a petition to remove conditions on your green card to receive a new Permanent Resident Card (green card) valid for 10 years.

Legal Permanent Resident Card Renewal or Replacement

Some Green Card Holders may be able to e-File online to renew their Green Card, others may have to file a paper form to renew a Green Card. Download this Guide to learn more about the application process, the required fingerprint biometrics appointment and/or photos to be taken at the USCIS Application Support Center for biometrics processing.

How to Apply to Renew a Green Card?

Order this immigration guide to view step by step instructions on how to apply to renew a green card, how to access and obtain immigration application forms, green card renewal forms instructions, and more information about green cards.  It is very important to take into consideration that to apply to renew a green card you need to be physically present in the United States. You can not renew a green card abroad. U.S. embassies or consulates do not renew green cards. Green cards are only available for people who live in the United States, or for people who live temporary abroad with a valid reentry permit.

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 Information and Instructions about the Green Card Renewal

included in this immigration guide:

  • My green card is expired how can I receive a new one?
  • Can I renew or replace my green card from outside of the United States?
  • Where to renew or replace my green card in the United States?
  • What forms should I file to renew my green card?
  • Expiring conditional green card. How to remove the conditions on my green card?
  • How to eFile my green card renewal online?
  • How to file to renew my green card by mail?
  • Green card renewal filing fees
  • Biometrics, fingerprint and pictures required to renew a green card
  • Green cards without expiration
  • How to renew one of the old green cards without expiration date?
  • I lost my green card abroad, how to obtain a transportation letter to return to the U.S.
  • How to apply for a reentry permit
  • How to apply for an SB-1 returning resident visa
  • Green card renewal at 14th years of age
  • How to update and change the name or other biographic data on my green card
  • Never received or missing green card
  • How to replace a lost, damaged or stolen green card?

Green Card Renewal Application Related Forms

Order this Information Package to learn how to access green card renewal application forms and how to apply using the following forms related to green card renewal:

  • Application Form to Replace Permanent Resident Card
  • Form Instructions I-90 Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card
  • E-Filing Form Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card
  • Form Petition to Remove the Conditions on Residence
  • Form Instructions for Petition to Remove the conditions on Residence
  • Case Status Online Tool for Pending Green Card Renewal
  • Application Form for Travel Document (Reentry Permit)
  • Instructions for Application Form for Travel Document (Reentry Permit)
  • e-Notification Form for Application/Petition Acceptance
  • Change of Address Form for Green Card holders
  • Online Change of Address Form for Green Card holders
  • Application Form to Determine Returning Resident Status (SB-1 Visa)
  • Application Form for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration
  • Form Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions
  • Form Instructions for Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance Case Status Online for Pending Green Card Renewal
  • Form Application Processing and Security Surcharge Fees
  • Application Form for Waiver of Passport and/or Visa
  • Change of Address Form
  • Form Change of Address online Version

Green Card Renewal
Order this Information Guide to learn more about the application process to Renew a Green Card and to have access to Answers to Frequently Asked Immigration Questions including application information and instructions for green card renewal immigration forms.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the government, we are a private publisher of information guides. This product only includes instructions, it does not include filing fees, or any other charges to submit your application.