Asylum for Ukrainians Refugees in Slovakia

Ukrainians who do not have foreign passports, Slovakia accepts on internal passports. Ukrainians who now need to travel abroad, but do not have a passport, can go through checkpoints on the border with Slovakia in Uzhgorod, Bolshoy Berezny and Maly Selmentsy.

Citizens with foreign biometric passports are advised to travel through checkpoints in Romania and Hungary in order not to accumulate queues at the Ukrainian-Slovak border. These are checkpoints on the border with Romania – Dyakovo, Solotvino, and also on the border with Hungary – Luzhanka, Vilok, Zvenkovo, Kosino.

While people are waiting in lines to cross the border, volunteers help them. They help with food, even diapers for small children.

There are already some objects on the borders for temporary placement.

Many people, charities and institutions have sent material aid to the border or traveled there to help locally.

The country promises that all Ukrainians will receive asylum and work permits. The government will also financially support all people who provide housing.

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