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Distant USA is getting closer

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Americans as the potential suitors from abroad have traditionally occupied a leading position. Why? American men often come to the countries of the former Soviet Union, to pick up a girl among the local representatives of the fair sex.

What will happen to the girl in case she decides to move to the U.S. and marry the American? What are the realities of the family life?

Immediately it should be noted that the Americans like children, and sometimes even too much. Taking care of them sometimes exceeds the generally accepted standards, and as a result the children are spoiled. It is essential for all the children to give at least basic education. After high school, young people, as a rule, can decide for themselves – go to college (if so, which one), or to go to work. Often the first place of work becomes a firm of the father. The ideal family, in the opinion of Americans, should have two or three children.

The joint celebration of festivals plays an important role in the American culture. The tradition to gather the whole family at the large holidays is inviolable. Birthdays, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas are certainly accompanied by a magnificent feast with lots of people. There are certain similarities with our holidays, but here the role of the festival is more important then the process.

The most popular and regular are family visits to nature. It can be fishing on the shore of one of the many lakes in the U.S., as well as a barbecue somewhere in the woods.

What documents are required for marriage with the American?

In order to move with the groom to the States officially and according to the rules, to get married in America, and then in the future, to receive a Green Card and the U.S. Citizenship, it’s necessary to go through a number of procedures.

The easiest way first is to obtain a marriage visa or a K-1 visa. If a U.S. citizen and a foreigner are not married yet, but they are planning to get married and live together in the United States, in this case the U.S. citizen can petition for an alien to obtain a temporary visa K-1. The children of the bride, if any, can count upon the same conditions. In order to increase the likelihood of a positive response, the spouse should take thought about the size of his capital – it should be sufficient for the maintenance of his wife, who has not officially allowed working for the time being. Then the process of obtaining a conditional Green Card comes.

To get the Green Card is harder and the set of the documents will be more. You should ask for the details in the consulate, but keep in mind that you not only have to bring a variety of forms (including work permits, entry / exit, a birth certificate with certified translation), and pass a paid medical examination, but also to answer some questions during interview.

After receiving the conditional Green Card and having lived with it for 2 years, you can apply for the permanent Green Card. In addition to standard forms, you will be asked to prove that all this time you lived together with your husband. The checks, photos together on the holidays will be useful. In case of additional questions USCIS may require the testimony of friends, acquaintances, neighbors. If there are no questions – you will get a Green Card for 10 years with possibility of extension. And the right to submit an application to the citizenship you will get in 2-3 years after getting a permanent Green Card.


For more information about the process of obtaining the K-1 visa, Green Card in the U.S., please visit http://www.usimmigrationapplication.org/visas/k1-fiancee-visa