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Updated Naturalization Guide for Veterans Living Abroad

The USCIS Policy Manual has been updated to clarify some of the naturalization applications filed by veterans of the US military under Section 329 of the Immigration and Citizenship Act (INA).

Section 329 of the INA allows certain veterans who have served and were honorably discharged from the military but are not Legal Permanent Residents (LPR) to apply for naturalization (Form N-400) under INA 329. However, if they are currently living outside the United States.

The updated guidance clarifies that veterans who are eligible for naturalization may be admitted or released on parole in the United States for the purpose of interviewing and a naturalization ceremony (if approved) in coordination with US Customs and Border Protection.

Only active military personnel and eligible family members can go through the naturalization process overseas via secure video in partnership with the Department of Defense at the designated institution. This current military personnel and relevant family members are not required to be present in the United States for any part of the naturalization process.

Updated Naturalization Guide