On March 3, on the official website of the government of Canada announced the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel for emergency entry. Unlimited number of Ukrainians will have the right to enter Canada and extend their official stay for at least 2 years. Program participants will be able to work, study and receive medical care.

Obtaining refugee status in Canada is more difficult than in Poland or in other EU countries. Refugee status has two types: the first is personalized, which a person makes himself , while in Canada, and the second – for humanitarian programs of the population.

If a person chooses the first option, upon arrival in Canada at the airport, he informs the officer about his intentions to receive official refugee status. During the first interview, he must prove the danger in his native country, which will be the basis for changing citizenship. If the reason is justified, then his case is sent to the tribunal for consideration.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is not a reason for obtaining official refugee status of this type. The list of topical reasons includes the topic of gender or race in specific countries.

The process will take about 2 years. Filing is free, but it is worth having a personal lawyer. During this time, a person can get a work visa and work and receive free medical care. But do not forget about 50% of refusals to grant refugee status and be prepared for deportation.

Refugee status under humanitarian programs of the population is relevant for people from countries where there is a military conflict. Potentially, Ukrainians could use the refugee program. But there is one but.

A refugee with official status will be provided with free accommodation, training, language courses, etc.

A refugee sponsor can be: the state, a group of five (Canadian families who help financially) or a public organization.

Before arriving in Canada, a refugee must obtain an emigrant visa, pass a medical examination and provide other necessary documentation. After completing the points he will fly to the country in the status of a permanent resident.

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