Citizenship of the United States of America


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Anyone who was born in the United States is a U.S. citizen. It refers to
people born not only in North America but also in the belonging territories to the United States. Under current law, you are a U.S. citizen, even if your parents were in America illegally at the time of your birth.

The Citizenship of the United States is one of the most advantageous citizenships in the world, there are several benefits of having a U.S. passport including the right to work in United States, and also the right to study and live permanently in the U.S.

Several benefits of having a U.S. Citizenship

  • Free access to all social services in health and education.
  • Having a U.S. passport, you will be provided with visa-free entry to almost all countries of the world.
  • Parents, who have sons, will not have to worry about serving in the army. If in the future the boy does not serve in the army, he will be able to select a service contract for only one month in the U.S. Army.
  • An important advantage is the ability to obtain a loan without collateral in U.S. banking institutions. This will allow you to open your own business and give education to the children, as well as to purchase a house. After receiving the citizenship, your family members who are eligible for a Green Card will be invited for a permanent residence.
  • You have the right to receive U.S. benefits, grants, scholarships, that will be possible only after obtaining a passport. U.S. citizen takes part in the elections, and can also be accepted to the public service.
  • U.S. citizens need not to worry about deportation and the loss of permanent residence, which is a significant advantage.
  • U.S. citizenship is the residence in one of the most economically developed countries of the world. The ability to obtain an excellent and prestigious education, employment in the largest companies of the country.

Information Guides and Instructions

What is a U.S. citizenship?

U.S. Citizen – American Citizen or U.S. Citizen – is a person who has received all the rights and obligations provided by the United States Constitution and the laws of the United States, by birth or by naturalization.

U.S. Citizenship for Children Born Abroad

The most common way to be become a U.S. citizen automatically at birth is when a child is born in the territory of the United States. Children born in the United States are not required to have American parents, or parents with a green card or resident status in order to become U.S. citizens at birth. Just the fact of being born in the United States gives a newborn the U.S. citizenship automatically. Please note that there are some exceptions for the children of people with diplomatic status in the U.S. A child born in the United States from a parent that is a foreign diplomatic officer accredited to the United States, is not subject to the jurisdiction of United States law because of his diplomatic status. Therefore the child can not be considered a U.S. citizen at birth. However the child may be considered a permanent resident at birth and be able to receive a green card through creation of record.

U.S. Citizenship Through Naturalization

Naturalization (U.S. Naturalization Process) – is a legal procedure for receiving U.S. citizenship, whereby a lawful permanent resident of the United States may acquire U.S. citizenship. According to the Law on Immigration and Nationality Act, an alien may obtain citizenship under certain conditions.

Adoption of U.S. citizenship is a step by step process that consists of several stages, namely, the submission of an application, interview, taking of an oath and a few other steps. Download the information guide and instructions to apply for U.S. citizenship and successfully complete the application process.

Advantages of U.S. Citizenship

  • The right to study in public and private educational institutions.
  • The right to work, including the public service.
  • The right to file an application for issuance of an immigrant visa for relatives.
  • The right to travel abroad with an American passport and enjoy the benefits as a U.S. citizen while abroad.
  • The right to participate in elections.
  • Access to social health services.
  • Access to education services.
  • Visa-free entry to almost all countries of the world.
  • Warranty receiving a pension.
  • Getting a loan without collateral in U.S. banking institutions.
  • Getting benefits, grants, scholarships.

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