Germany also accepts Ukrainian refugees under a simplified procedure, so they receive asylum by default. Citizens of Ukraine do not need a visa to enter Germany. Having a passport allows you to stay in the country for three months. Receiving refugee status allows you to live in Germany with the possibility of an extension for three years.

Asylum for Ukrainian Refugees in Germany

Having received refugee status under the simplified procedure, Ukrainians also receive a residence permit in Germany for a year with the possibility of extension for three years. 

The absence of a passport does not prevent such a person from being recognized as a refugee.

Who can get protection:

  • Citizens of Ukraine
  • Family members of citizens of Ukraine
  • Citizens of other countries and stateless persons with international or state protection status in Ukraine and members of their families
  • Citizens of other countries and stateless persons with the right to a long stay in Ukraine who cannot return to their homeland

Children without their own passport:

Bring your children’s birth certificate and, if possible, a travel consent statement from the other parent.


Regulations for Germany: at the moment, pet owners can enter Germany with them from Ukraine without prior permission.

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