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Florida Ban on Vaccine Passports

As you know, all the states of America have their own laws. A recent Florida law banned vaccination passports, sparking outrage.

What does this mean?

In Florida, it is not allowed to host Covid-based citizens on cruises, restaurants, and other crowded places. The state is of the opinion that everyone is free to decide whether to take the vaccine or not and does not want places like cruises to discriminate and only allow people with the Covid vaccine.

This was recently challenged by the Norwegian Cruise line in Federal Court.

American cruise line Norwegian Cruise Line has filed a petition in a US court to challenge a Florida law that prohibits passengers from requiring documentary proof of vaccinations, US media reported.

The company insists that the ban endangers the safety and health of passengers and crew.

Norwegian Cruise Line attorney Derek Shaffer told District Judge Kathleen Williams during a court hearing that providing passengers with a vaccination document is especially necessary at a time when Florida is experiencing skyrocketing coronavirus incidences and hospitalizations.

“What’s happening in Florida is scary. Florida is a hot spot. All we are trying to do is protect our employees and passengers,” said Shaffer.

In May, Governor Ron Desantis signed a law that prohibits companies and educational institutions from demanding proof of vaccination in exchange for providing services.

According to the governor, vaccination data is private information. The politician believes that no one has the right to demand the disclosure of such information. “It is completely unacceptable for departments or the private sector to impose on you the need to show proof of vaccination,” Desantis said.

Norwegian Cruise Line plans to launch its first post-coronavirus cruise from Florida on August 15, 2021.

Forbes notes that Florida was the first state to ban vaccination passports, although the authorities in South Dakota and Missouri have advocated such a ban.

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