Сhildbirth in the United States

Obtaining U.S. citizenship attracts a large number of pregnant foreign women who want to come to the United States to give birth. The U.S. Consulates and Embassies issue tourist visas to pregnant women who are planning to have a baby in the United States. Rules make a specific emphasis on the resolution issuing tourists visas for medical purposes. When applying for a visa, the pregnant women are required to present evidence of strong ties with their home country and an adequate level of funding to pay for medical expenses and birth in the United States.

The Parents Rights and Childbirth in America

Many people mistakenly think that if their child is a U.S. citizen, then they as parents can get a visa to the United States without difficulties. Unfortunately, this is not true. U.S. citizenship of a child absolutely does not guarantee you to get a visa to the United States quickly and easily, even if it comes to accompany your child to the United States, for example, for study or treatment.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that birth in the U.S. can be an obstacle for obtaining a visa in the future. An embassy worker may think that the child’s mother spent a long time in the United States, given the pre-natal and post-natal period, and can refuse the visa. Also, please note that if you, the baby’s mother, did not pay the bill for childbirth and medical care, the consular officer have the right to delay the issuance of visa to the moment when medical services are paid.

When filling out a visa application you specify that you are going on vacation, or a guided tour for a short time, but in fact, planning to give birth in the U.S., then in this case you will get a permanent ban on entry into the United States, according to the article about a significant facts distortion.

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