Ukrainians need a passport to enter Spain. In addition, the country previously required a certificate of vaccination.

However, the EU countries were recommended to weaken the border crossing regime for Ukrainians.

Given that the country does not border Ukraine, citizens will not have to arrive at the checkpoints in Spain, but cross the border earlier – with Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary or Moldova, and only then, with the help of volunteers, go further by plane, bus or train.

On the official website of the Spanish Migration Service published instructions on how to get help and refugee status. To do this, after crossing the border, you should contact the Refugee Reception Centers (OAR), such offices in ports and airports.

All Ukrainians who arrived in Spain and do not have funds can count on the protection of the state. This applies both to citizens who arrived from Ukraine after the start of the war (February 24, 2022), and to those who were in Spain at that moment and could not return to their country.

However, this does not include foreigners who have had a residence permit for the last five years.

The Spanish government has a program of social support for individuals to meet basic needs – housing, food, clothing and psychological assistance. There is no information regarding payments yet.

To view information about other countries, follow the link:

Asylum for Ukrainian Refugees in Spain