How to renew a Green Card?

The Green Card is also known as legal permanent residence (LPR), immigrant visa, Alien Registration Card, Lawful permanent resident “LPR” card, or USCIS Form I-551, among other common names for the status as a green card holder. The legal permanent resident status with a green card allows you to live permanently in the United States with many rights and responsibilities, including the legal right to work and study in the United States.

The Act of Immigration and U.S. citizenship, section 264 states: “Every alien in the United States will be issued a certificate of registration or registration card of an alien, in this form, in the manner and at such time that are prescribed by the rules and the law.” “Every foreigner who reached 18 years or more is obliged to carry in his/her personal possession a certificate of alien registration or alien registration card. Any foreigner who does not fulfill these requirements, will be found guilty of not respecting the law. ”

If the expiration date of your green card has expired or will expire in the next 6 months, then you, as a permanent resident must renew your Green Card.

If you are a permanent resident of the United States with a green card, which was issued for a period of 10 years, and the term of the Green Card expires or ends in the next 6 months, you must submit an immigration Form I-90 to renew the Green Card. When filling out the I-90, read carefully the instructions in which you will find detailed information about how to complete the Form I-90.

To begin the process of your green card renewal, you can file Form I-90 online via the Internet, using a so-called electronic application, or by mail, and filling out the form I-90.

Green Card expires abroad

What if I am outside of the United States of America? If the expiration date of your Green Card expires in six months and you do not plan to return to the U.S. in the coming year, then you must immediately renew the Green Card upon your return to the United States.

If you are outside the United States at the time when green card has expired, and you have not applied for a Green Card Renewal before you left the United States, you should contact the nearest U.S. consulate or USCIS office overseas, first to file a form I-551, then a form I-90 to renew resident card. In some cases, you will need to get so-called “transportation letter” or a return visa to return to the United States. If you plan to stay abroad for a long period of time, it is recommended to obtain a return visa or a visa for re-entry permit before leaving the United States.

How do I know the status of Application Process for the Green Card Renewal?

If you have any questions related to immigration, or the status of your application, you can contact the National Customer Service Center NCSC. Be prepared to provide to the employee NCSC accurate information related to your statement – namely, receipt number, alien registration number, name, year and date of birth.

How to appeal the refusal of the Green Card Renewal ?

If you are refused in Green Card renewal, you will receive an explanation letter. The letter will explain the reason why you were denied the Green Card renewal. USCIS decision can not be appealed and changed, but you can recommence the process, or insist on the application reconsideration. You have the right to request USCIS to review or re-check the decision, according to the Green Card renewal. For this you must provide the relevant documents, evidence and facts that will be considered again. The evidence should be set that the decision to refuse the Green Card renewal was based on the incorrect application of the immigration law and is not fair.

If you need legal advice, you can contact an immigration lawyer. If you are not able to afford a lawyer, the nearest USCIS office can provide a list of organizations that will help you in completing your application.

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