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B-1 Business Visa

Overview of the Application Process for a B-1 Business Visa

Procedure Name: B-1 Business Visa Application for the non-U.S. residents.
Purpose: The B-1 Business Visa allows you to travel to the United States for business purposes as a business visitor.
Eligible applicants: Non-U.S.residents.
How to obtain the Green Card: The application for B-1 Visa must be presented at the local consulate or embassy in country of residence of the applicant.
 How to apply: Order this guide to learn more details about the application process and to learn how to start B-1 Visa application.

A visa gives you the right to travel to the U.S. The B-1 Business Visa allows you to travel to the United Stbanner 1ates for business purposes as a business visitor. There are several types of visas depending on the purpose or type of travel. In general visas are divided in two main groups: immigrant visas and non-immigrant visas. Immigrant visas are visas that allow you to travel and live permanently in the United States and are also known as “Green Card” or “Permanent Residence”, then the other type are the non-immigrant visas that are more commonly known just as visas in general. Non-immigrant visas don’t give you the right to stay permanently in the U.S., they are issued for the purpose of one or multiple temporary short trips to travel as a visitor to the United States.

The application for most non-immigrant visas must be presented at the local consulate or embassy in country of residence of the applicant. It is important to know well all application requirements including how to make an appointment, how to submit the application for the visa, and to use the current forms to apply for the B-1 Business Visa visa. In addition you must stay inside the U.S. only for the time allowed by the immigration officer at the point of entry.

It is important to understand the difference between the expiration time of the actual visa and the time allowed to stay inside the U.S. when traveling with the visa.

Peculiarities of business visas in the U.S. for 3 years

Business visa to the United States is issued for 3 years and allows its holder to take multiple business trips to the United States for up to 180 days for the trip. The border officer determines the duration of the authorized stay in the U.S. for a specific business visit. As a rule, for business trips the officers put down no more than 90 days possible stay. However, the solution depends on many factors, including the frequency and duration of past travel. Business visa allows you to make frequent visits to the U.S., up to 7-10 trips per year.

The objectives of getting the B-1 Visa in 2016:

  • negotiating and concluding contracts with companies in the United States;
  • familiarity with technological peculiarities of the partners;
  • active participation at the thematic exhibitions, conferences, seminars;
  • participation in various sporting events, competitions.

A decision to issue the U.S. business visa is based on the results of personal interview between the consular officer and the applicant and the review of the documents provided by the applicant. For business in the U.S. the visa applicant is required to choose the most suitable place for it and sign up for an interview with a visa officer. In the course of communication with the officer the applicant has to prove the necessity of the business trip and strong ties with his/her homeland, that directly affects the visa issuance.

For applying for business visa to the United States in 2016, you should approach seriously. You have to prepare the package of documents explaining the scope of the company, the purpose and the need to travel to the United States, the absence of the applicant’s immigration purposes. It is not just enough to get an invitation from business partners in the U.S. – it is important to fill out a questionnaire in a right way, to collect the necessary documents and to prepare for the interview. It’s necessary to know that the U.S. Consulates have specific requirements for applicants while applying for a business visa to the U.S.

Required documentation  

1 – Business invitation from the host.

2 – Certificate of the applicant’s employer for a visa.

3 – Documents explaining the purpose of the trip. Depending on the travel purpose, supporting documents may include brochures of the organizations (especially if they are in English), a draft agreement or business plan with partners in the U.S., advertising materials of the exhibition, which is scheduled to visit, etc.

4 –Documents for the highly scientific companies. Employees of organizations, operating in the science and high-tech sectors, in order to visit the U.S. for business purposes should provide at the consulate a number of additional documents. What is required: (i) CV in English with information about education, work experience, job responsibilities, areas of scientific interest, (ii) a list of scientific publications.

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Information and Instructions about the B-1 Business Visa included in this immigration guide:

  • Where and how to apply for the B1 business visa?
  • How to find, fill and file official visa application forms?Visa appointment
  • Eligibility requirements and instructions
  • What is the different between the B-1 business visa and the B-2 tourist visa?
  • Can I work with a B-1 visa?
  • What type of visa do I need to visit the United States on vacation?
  • Can I do business with a B-1 visa?
  • can I get married inside the United States if I entered with a B1 visa?
  • For how long can a person is usually allowed stay inside the U.S. with a B1 visa?
  • What is the form I-94?
  • How do I know until what date I am allowed to stay in the United States?
  • Can I have multiple entries to the U.S. with a B-1 business visa?

B-1 Business Visa
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