exchange programThere are many youth exchange programs, which provide a unique opportunity for students who have graduated from the university (young specialists) to get acquainted with different cultures, countries, to improve their knowledge of the language, to enrich new experience and impressions, as well as a unique opportunity to earn extra money (to receive legal work in the summer holidays) and to meet new people and make friends.

All the exchange programs can be divided into several categories:

  1. The first category includes exchange programs for students, they are focused on acquaintance with a new country and learning the language. Please be aware that the opportunity to earn money is not the main purpose of the program, to work abroad is one of the points of adaptation and immersion in the culture of the country.
  2. The second category includes the acquisition of experience and skills on the chosen specialty (designed for senior students and young professionals), namely, training abroad. Financial reward is also possible in this exchange program.
Work and Travel USA

The most famous is the student exchange program Work and Travel USA – a unique opportunity not only to learn English, but also to earn extra money, gain new experience, make new acquaintances, friends, and learn about the history and culture of the United States. It should be said that this program is designed not only for summer students, but also to see America, Canada and Mexico.

Program Work and Travel USA is designed for 3-4 months, the maximum time that is given to the student for the job.

Au Pair

This is an international cultural exchange program, the main aim is to improve the knowledge of languages and to become acquainted with the culture of the country, the acquisition of job skills and child care, and getting education for the entire period of stay in the United States. Au Pair includes the supervision and care of children, accomodation in a foreign family on the rights of family members, performing simple work at home. You will have a separate room to stay in the family, food and pocket money.

The program Au Pair in the United States lasts 12 months, but may be extended to 2 years, other terms in European countries .


The internship program in the U.S. – “Internship USA” or “Professional Career Training USA” – the main purpose:

  • to acquire and improve skills and work experience;
  • to improve the language;
  • to study the practice of American business organization;
  • to get acquainted with the culture of the country.

Internships can be paid and unpaid, it depends on the area in which the trainee will work. For example, training in the restaurant and restaurant business, tourism – Hospitality Business and Culinary (set all year) is paid, internship in the field of IT and Web-design – only upon request of companies. Internships in economy, architecture, culture and art are unpaid.

Duration of program: 6, 12 and 18 months.

J-1 Visa

J-1 visa is for those who participate in exchange programs or educational programs. Initially, the aim of this program was to promote cultural exchange. J-1 Visa holders can directly participate in various programs, including government, academical, and developed by the private sector .

The process of obtaining a visa begins with the DS-2019 form from the sponsoring organization. Form DS-2019 is the main document certifying that you are a participant of the exchange program. In order to know how to apply for this visa, please visit J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Visa.