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Biden Goes To Make US Immigration Easier

President Biden is working to make it much easier to immigrate to the United States. In doing so, the forms will be shorter and simpler, and job seekers will have to overcome fewer security problems. In addition, foreigners will have more opportunities to reunite with their families. They will also have a better chance of obtaining work visas.

In almost all cases, immigration to the United States has become harder, more expensive, and lasted longer over the past four years.

And while Biden made it clear during his presidential campaign that he intends to undo much of his predecessor’s immigration legacy, the plan offers new details on how far-reaching the effort will be – not only rolling back Trump’s policies, but also closing backlogs and delays. who have persecuted previous presidents.

The main focus of Biden’s plan is to open up the country to more immigrants.

It’s worth noting that since taking office, Biden has been grappling with a historic surge in the migration of children and adolescents from Central America, which has prompted some Republicans to accuse the president of opening the country’s borders to people trying to enter illegally. However, the White House denies these charges.

In fact, Biden really wants to open up the country to more immigrants. Its message is to restore and expand opportunities for foreigners to enter the United States, but do so legally.

The seven-section document provides detailed policy proposals that will help more foreigners move to the United States, including highly skilled workers, victims of human trafficking, American families abroad, American Indian born in Canada, refugees, asylum seekers, and workers. farms. Immigrants who apply online may pay fewer or even no fees in an attempt to “lower barriers” to immigration. And the rules will be revised to “encourage the full participation of immigrants in our civilian life.”

Biden Goes To Make US Immigration

Most studies have shown that legal immigration to the United States benefits the country’s economy, especially at a time when population growth is slowing down. But Cuccinelli and others, who advocate tough restrictions on immigration, say allowing foreigners to compete for jobs – especially when the country is still recovering from an economic downturn – will hurt the prospects for the American economy and citizens.

“The number one challenge for immigration officials is to make sure that immigration does not harm Americans,” said Roy Beck, founder of NumbersUSA, a group focused on much lower levels of legal immigration.

A central element of the plan is to bridge the gap in the immigration system.

The administration plans to expedite the processing of immigration applications by expanding virtual interviews and electronic filing, as well as limiting requests for evidence from applicants.

Biden wants to restore opportunities for expatriate workers through the existing H-1B visa program, which targets workers with specialized skills. The administration also intends to create new opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs who want to “open new businesses and create jobs for American workers.”

Officials are working on a regulation that could allow migrants to seek asylum in the United States if they are victims of domestic violence or their relatives have been persecuted. During the Trump era, Attorney General William Barr refused to grant asylum to those who claimed they deserved it for these reasons.

Biden is also seeking to expand immigration opportunities for LGBT refugees from countries where they are persecuted or where same-sex marriage is not recognized.

Biden Goes To Make US Immigration

In addition, he wants to update a program that provides a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who help law enforcement by collaborating with the police or testifying in court.

Critics say the Biden administration is ignoring the negative consequences of its efforts. The H-1B program has been used as a loophole for technology companies to import cheap foreign workers to compete for jobs. Providing shelter for victims of domestic violence can open the door to the admission of millions of additional people. And some Republicans say Biden should not relax screening for foreigners, though officials insist they will continue to screen them for terrorism and other risks.

As the Biden administration pushes for change, officials are willing to use emergency rules to avoid a lengthy regulatory process, much like Trump formulated his own agenda. But it could make Biden’s immigration legacy so that it can be overturned by a Republican president in the future.