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Journalist and Media Visa

This document is issued to media professionals who temporarily come to America for work. It is a visa for media workers in the United States, which is received by journalists and reporters, editors and publishers, photographers and cameramen, other representatives of the press, film, radio.

At the same time the representative of the consulate decides whether the nature of the applicant’s activities satisfies the criteria for issuing documents of category I.

The process of issuing a long-awaited resolution can be divided into several stages. It resembles an application for a business invitation visa. First of all, you have to receive a letter inviting you to a future event. It is important to fill in all the data correctly, namely the time when everything will happen, the data of  invited person, including  position, address and name of company where he works. After that, you can apply for a form and send a request. All applicants will be informed about the date and time of the future interview, which will be held directly at the embassy itself. If everything is good and the issue was approved, the passport will be delayed there for a few days, returning to the holder already with the stamp.


Requirement documents:

– Сompleted form DS-160;

Passport with a validity period of at least six months longer than the duration of entry into America with journalist visa I;

– Receipt of payment of the fee for registration;

– Photo 5×5;

– Confirmations – both about the appointment for an interview, and a certificate from the place of work (or a contract for independent and freelance specialists).

You can find additional information about visas for journalists and media professionals on the US State Department website.