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Green Cards New Sample

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) intends to introduce an updated look of Green Card with including a new anti-counterfeiting system.

It is expected that the new Green Cards will be more reliable in terms of counterfeits, thanks to a modern graphics, including improved protective functions. Such upgrade will strengthen control over the fight against fraud, as for the program of enhanced immigration control.

What’s new?USCIS

The owner photo you can find from two sides now, unique graphics, as well as using a different color palette, in comparison with the previous sample and the Liberty Statue image and several holographic images. You will not find anymore the owner’s signature and the optical strip on the card back side, according to the Voice of America.

Which rules?

Both cards, new and old, remain valid until the expiration of the specified date.
Green Card redesign do not affect the rules of filing applications and issuing, it’s still the same.
Some Green Card and EAD owners, who received their documents from 1 May 2017, can still see the old design, since the USCIS reserves the right to use the old-style card stock, in fact, not to throw away the stocks of already printed cards.
Both the new and the old Green Cards remain valid for filling out any forms regarding work or your stay in the country.
For today, there are Green Cards without a validity period; holders of such cards can apply for a replacement card with the specified validity period.
Getting a new Green Card, you will significantly reduce the likelihood of fraud, in the case, for example, theft or loss.