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A Trainee’s American Dream

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I am a Bachelor’s student in Marketing and International Relations at L’ENC. located in France. We had to choose a destination abroad to validate our end of year studies. And guess where I went? 

It seemed relevant to me to do my internship in the United States, to live the American Dream. More seriously, the American continent allows you to develop your linguistic and cultural knowledge. The United States offers you a multitude of internship opportunities and gives you the chance to stand out from the rest. Unlike France, they will not simply position themselves on the diplomas you will have acquired but on who you really are and what you are passionate about in life. 

How to apply for an internship in the US?

First of all, you must make a curriculum vitae with American standards: it is a question of being as precise as possible on what you are looking for as an internship. Don’t be afraid to introduce the duration of your internship and your field of study. For example: “Currently in my third year of a bachelor’s degree in marketing, I am actively looking for an internship of X months”.

Then you will have to write a motivation letter (if it is mentioned in the internship offer). This will show your involvement. 

Look for the most appropriate way to get in touch with the head of the department concerned (LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK,…).

Possible locations in the US

Make sure that your place of training is located in a dynamic area of activity (NEW YORK, CHICAGO, WASHI NGTON,…).

However, when you start to move away from large conurbations, the use of a vehicle becomes essential. 

Choose a destination allowing fast acclimatization to approach your training course in the best possible way! 


Requirements of French universities

Depending on the type of institution you are enrolled in (public or private under contract/out of contract), you may be eligible for grants to cover some of your costs abroad. 

The services offered by Erasmus, the regions and departments will help you with your procedures and your stay. 

Beforehand, the missions proposed by your host organization must be approved by your school. 

Your school will impose a minimum length of internship for the internship to be validated. 


The administrative route to the United States

Before the trip, there are certain steps to take. 

To maximize your chances of success, it is imperative to find an agency as well as an American sponsor

These two organizations will follow you throughout your internship program (medical coverage, sim card, advice, …).