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Childbirth in the USA as a way to obtain citizenship

Childbirth in the USA as a way to obtain citizenship

Childbirth in the United States has become a real trend not only among many celebrities, but also among ordinary people who can afford it.

First of all, future parents choose the United States for childbirth because of the high level of medicine and qualified doctors.

After all, American medicine is considered one of the best in the world. And therefore, for the health of mothers and children, a large number of foreigners decide to give birth overseas.

The most popular cities for childbirth are Los Angeles, Miami and New York. But it is quite expensive (starting from 11 thousand dollars and more).

But the most significant factor should be considered: having childbirth in the United States in order to obtain American citizenship.

And although many talk about the benefits of giving birth in the United States, is this really the case? Is it true that this is one of the most successful ways?

According to the USA law, a child born in the United States becomes a citizen from the first minute of life. And this does not depend on the citizenship and permanent place of residence of the parents.

Tempting, isn’t it? But still, if you go into details, you can find many pitfalls.

After all, a child becomes a full member of society in the USA only at the age of 21.

Therefore, in order to obtain American citizenship through their child, parents need to wait until their kid comes of age. Then their child can independently apply to the US Migration Service for the granting of citizenship to his family. In the meantime, the path to America for parents will be open only with a non-immigration visa or in the case of immigration for another reason (not related to the child’s American passport).

But still, for the child US citizenship provides many advantages and opportunities.

Of course, education for US citizens usually costs significantly less than for foreigners (the difference might be in 2 times).

Also, as everyone knows US citizen are more likely to find a job on better conditions. They have the best loan opportunities. They have the right to elect and be elected to high government positions.

Another good advantage is the visa-free regime. In other words, it is an opportunity to visit almost all countries of the world without a visa.

However, despite all the difficulties and financial costs, giving birth in America is a real chance to obtain citizenship, and to get a number of benefits. After all, “being a US citizen” is a way to achieve material and non-material goals, the so-called “ticket to life” for a child. And a lot of foreigners believe that this is a guarantee of a comfortable and happy future for them and their kids.

Childbirth in the USA as a way to obtain citizenship