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Is America a country of “immigrants” or why does everyone want to move to the USA?

The USA - the country of "immigrants"

If you ask every fifth foreigner what country he would like to live in, the answer is most likely that in the United States.

No one will deny the fact that the United States was built by immigrants. And it’s no secret that among the 39 people who signed the famous Constitution, seven of them were immigrants.

Immigrants have made an incredible contribution to the political, economic, and cultural life of the USA. So most American celebrities are from other countries.

For example, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria, Google co-founder Sergey Brin is from Russia. Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman is from Israel, the first female US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is from the Czech Republic, billionaire and investor, founder of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk immigrated from South Africa, famous musician Bob Marley is from Jamaica. And the list of famous American immigrants doesn’t end there.

It is also interesting that the wife of the current president Donald Trump (who fought to reduce the immigration flow) was born and raised in Slovenia.

And nowadays, the United States occupies a leading position among countries with a record number of visitors.

According to statistics from the Pew Research Center, almost one in seven US residents are immigrants, and one in eight native US citizens has at least one immigrant parent.

Hundreds of thousands of foreigners enter the country every year in search of a better life and in the hope of gaining freedom and financial stability.

Which countries are mainly represented on the US immigration map?

Of course, the nationalities of those who come to the United States are quite diverse. But still, half of the living immigrants are from Latin America, in particular from Mexico. Basically, they leave their home countries due to economic and social problems, as well as a high crime rate. And, unfortunately, we have to admit that a significant part of Mexicans lives in the United States illegally.

Moreover, over the past ten years, the percentage of people from India and China who have immigrated to the United States has increased. In this case, the main reason is the overpopulation of the home countries. This makes Asians look for happiness overseas.

For the local preferences of immigrants, states such as Texas, Florida, New York, and California are incredibly popular.

These regions have the lowest unemployment rate. So newcomers choose them in the hope of finding work and settling their lives. It is interesting to note that although New York offers fairly good opportunities (such as free medical care), due to the expensive life, visitors prefer to choose more affordable states.

Of course, the world does not standstill. The economic crisis, the Covid pandemic, various political conflicts are making their own adjustments in modern world history. And it is difficult to predict how the migration issue will develop in the future in the United States and around the world. But now thousands of future immigrants are watching the results of the presidential elections and believe that in the near future they will be able to call the United States their “second home”.

The USA - the country of "immigrants"