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Transit/Crew Visa

In order to spend even a few hours in the US you have to get visa. Documented movement of people in different countries will help prevent any kind of sabotage and other unpleasant situations. In this case you have to get a transit visa.

A transit visa in the United States (C1) – issued to citizens of different countries who are sent to foreign countries with a transfer in the United States. With this visa you can only transfer to another plane, a cruise liner in the United States or so on. A visa is required even if you do not intend to leave the airport.


If you are a crew member, you do not need to apply for a regular transit visa. Such people make special offers that they can use for a long time.

The validity of a US transit visa may vary. The decision on the period and number of entries to issue it is taken by the embassy officer, depending on the circumstances of the trip. For example, if your work involves frequent flights to a country where the route lies in transit through America, then you can get a visa for up to two years with the possibility of multiple entries. And if you have only one trip through America, then most likely you will be given a two entry visa (there / back) with a staying in the country of no more than 29 days per trip. In any case, before applying it is necessary to understand whether you need a transit visa.

Main requirements:

• The purpose of your stay in the USA is exclusively transit, i.e. transfer from one plane (liner, etc.) to another.

• A document confirming permission to enter the country of destination. For example, a visa if it is necessary for entry.

• Air ticket.

• Availability of funds sufficient for a transit trip.

• When applying for a US transit visa, you must provide the following documents:

• Electronic application form DS-160.

• A passport with a validity of not less than 6 months longer than the expected period of stay in the United States.

• 1 x 5 cm photo.

• An invitation letter for an interview confirming that you have signed up for an interview.

At the interview with the US consulate, you can take any documents that, in your opinion, confirm the information provided to the consular officer (account statements, salary certificates, trip itinerary, etc.).

Practically the same requirements are applied to a transit visa as to a regular visa, therefore it is advisable to submit directly to a B2 category visa. As a rule, they are long and multiple. Even if in the near future you do not plan a trip to the states, you can postpone it for later. The cost of a C1 or B2 visa is the same.