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Birth Certificate Issuing

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Difficulties with Birth Certificate issuing

Every parent wants to take care of a better future for their child and some of them start long before his birth. To be born in the USA and automatically obtain the status of U.S. citizen, at the same time getting a Permanent Residence Permit (Green Card) and a thousand of possibilities in an economically stable and developed country.

  • Different surnames of the parentsFeet Birth Certificate

Different surnames of parents do not matter, when the Birth Certificate registering.

Difficulties may arise when the U.S. passport is issued to child, since the Birth Certificate indicates the mother’s maiden name, which is likely to differ from the child’s surname, after submitting the documents for the U.S. passport to your child, the U.S. Department of State may request confirmation of changing name by mother.

Confirmation that mother’s name has been changed is a process which consists of:
Mother’s Birth Certificate with a maiden name (оriginal, with a notarized translation), then marriage Certificate, where the change of the surname is visible. If the marriage is not the first, it will also require a certificate from the registry office (оriginal, with notarized translation), confirming all the changes of names. You can take care of preparing these papers in advance. Probability of this problem: 10%

  • Civil marriage and Birth Certificate features

Since the civil marriage is also marriage, the simplest and most reliable way to avoid problems with the Birth Certificate and other U.S. documents for a child in the hospital you say that you are married.

If, there is any trouble, to fill out the documents in the hospital for getting the Birth Certificate for your child and you have indicated that you are not in a marriage, then the child’s father must give written consent, certified by notary, to be included in the Birth Certificate. This consent can only be made if the child’s father is in the United States.

If the father of child can not come to the U.S. to include father in the Birth Certificate and other U.S. documents for the child, you need to obtain some confirmation paper from the U.S. Consulate in your country about the establishment of paternity.

  • Questionnaire to receive the Birth Certificate

All registration of the documents for baby begins with this questionnaire, this is exactly the paper that you fill in on the day of birth or the next, in the hospital, after the birth.
Each hospital has their own, but, in fact, everywhere is the same.

The questionnaire is not complicated, the data in it is:
1) the data of your born baby (name, date of birth, sex, weight, etc.),
2) complete parent data,
3) other questions related to your pregnancy.
At first glance, easy to do, but based on experience, in the first hours after baby birth, young parents can not to concentrate on papers at all.

Parents often make mistakes, being sure that this is just a “questionnaire” of the hospital.

However, it is from this document the data are going to the Birth Certificate and SSN.
Usually the procedure looks like this: a nurse with the questionnaire comes to you, you fill it in and then she looks through the questionnaire and puts all data into the computer, after the information is sent to the Birth Record and to the SSN.
Also, frequently mistakes are made by the staff of the hospital when they entering data into the computer, for the simple reason that the questionnaire is filled in illegible.

Tips and tricks:

If you decided to make the documents your own, take the questionnaire in the hospital in advance and fill out all your data with printed letters, leaving only the child’s data not filled.

Note. Changes / corrections are made only through the United States Department of State (DOS) and official review may take up to 6 weeks. Many families do not have this time, and the process of issuing documents for your child is hampered.

Be careful with the documents. It is better to spend an extra 20 minutes and track the correctness of entering your data by a hospital employee into the computer than to lose much more time for corrections.

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