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Changes in immigration policy program: H-1B visa

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trumpUnited States President Donald Trump is making changes to the program of immigration policy. Congressman Darrell Issa at the end of 2016 reintroduced a bill that provides changes in H-1B visa requirements and limits the number of jobs in U.S. companies.

As a president, Donald Trump is reviewing questions of immigration policy towards tightening. He insists that the companies, including the technology sector should actively invest in the development of the American economy and employ more U.S. citizens, not foreigners.

In particular, the president sharply criticized Apple’s that opens their factories in China and Ireland, but ignores the interests of the United States. The republican from California Issa offers to invite foreign specialists, especially qualified, only if american employers can not find U.S. citizens for these vacancies. Among the major changes regarding the H-1B visa program are: higher salaries to foreign employees, in order to prevent fraudulent further use of the visa program, American companies simply hire foreigners whose labor is cheape. Another change is the obligatory existence of master’s diploma.

It is necesary to recall that a few days ago the President made some changes to the bill that affected immigrants from Muslim countries, holders of Green Cards. Beginning from 01.28.2017 the citizens of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for 90 days are forbidden to visit the United States.

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