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Why are Americans against immigrants?

Why are Americans against immigrants?

Of course, Americans have always been considered a freedom-loving and tolerant nation. It also is one of the main reasons that tens of thousands of immigrants from around the world choose the United States to live in. No one has any doubts: in the USA, there is a place for everyone, regardless of social status, nationality, and religion.

Nevertheless, during the presidency of Donald Trump, many restrictions were presented in the immigration system. According to them, the number of immigrants has decreased markedly.

And although most Americans are absolutely loyal and positive towards immigrants to the United States, there are those who support the current president’s policies.

So why native Americans are opposed to a large number of foreigners on their territory?
Growing unemployment

First of all, one of the most important factors is the high unemployment rate in some states (Nevada, Michigan, Hawaii, and others). Because of this, in the opinion of Native Americans, newcomers take their jobs. They agree to lower wages and their demands are not high.

However, the majority still believe that immigrants have a positive effect on the country’s economic situation. After all, they perform the hard physical work that the Americans are unlikely to do.

Rising economic inequality

Besides, many Americans believe that large immigration flows also contribute to economic inequality. So because of income, unemployment, and wages, the gap is growing between “true” Americans and foreigners, between wealth and poverty. And this situation could strike a blow to the US economy.

But on the other hand, thanks to immigrants, the American economy has been at a level for how many years.

The source of crime and terrorism

Some citizens are simply convinced that immigration and crime are inseparable. And because a large number of illegal immigrants from second world countries live in the United States, the level of crime and terrorist acts has increased. Unfortunately, this opinion was influenced by the media, as well as the negative experience of the 20th century. Nevertheless, many experts deny this fact. So the evidence for this is the statistics which show most crimes in the USA are committed by native Americans. And will the poor immigrants, whose fate and future hang in the balance anyway, take risks?

The loss of the American national identity

Some people believe that in a country where every seventh inhabitant is a migrant, there is almost no space left for the American national identity and culture. Due to mixed marriages, distorted representation of all “true American”. Each nation in the United States lives by its own rules, traditions, and beliefs. Although the American people find a lot of positive in this: the diversity of cultures enriches America, makes it vibrant and international.

Without a doubt, everyone has a completely different opinion and attitude to any situation. And there are always those who will be against immigrants. But maybe the USA is a synthesis of different cultures and traditions? After all, this is a country where there is a place of dissimilarity and freedom. This is a country with the right to self-expression. This is a place where any migrant, even if are not welcome, will at least be treated with respect.

Why are Americans against immigrants?
But maybe the USA is a synthesis of different cultures and traditions?