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Russian Immigrant in the U.S.

Russian woman story, who has risked relocating to the United States seven years ago

Without special knowledges of the language, amount of money, Alexandra has moved. She has been reading and listening a lot about the quality of life in this economically stable country, assuming that it is much better here than in Russia.
And yes, now looking at the past and based on personal experience, it can be absolutely certain that in the U.S. the future looks promising, and life is qualitatively better and more reliable.

The one has only to risk and don’t be afraid to change the usual way of life and moving overseas.

Overcoming the language barrier

There are a lot of such immigrants from other differerent countries, includes Russia, it was the first thing I liked a lot, when I have got into country. So my presence there did not cause anybody unnecessary emotions and questions.
There are pleasant and polite attitude of people, whether it be a native American or the same immigrant with many years of experience. Everyone understands pretty well that the person has not mastered the language fully yet. This is not difficult for anyone to speak a little slowly in English, if you have asked. People are not used to complain, as is customary in the CIS, on the contrary they are interested in your affairs, they share their news with pleasure. They dont talk about diseases, problems and other troubles of life. It is immediately felt when this is the first experience in such a society.

Job searchHotel Staff

There are a lot of free vacancies, you only need your desire for work, even with a low level of language proficiency. At first the I have worked as a maid in a hotel near the house, where I have got acquainted with other working immigrants. I have mastered the language gradually, then went to sewing courses, because here you have such oportunity to manage your work-time. Employers are completely loyal with work schedule, you need flexible timetable or sick leave, there is no problem.

Everything is follow the law, no violation of rights.

Before long Alexandra finished sewing courses, she opened her own studio, because there is no difficulties with opening business in America, even if you are not a U.S. citizen, and don’t have capital for the beginning.

Accommodation search

There are no problems to find housing, here you are: affordable prices, practical areas with developed infrastructure, since densely populated. It is important that salaries are really higher, and the goods are relatively cheaper, so it turns out that people can afford to travel to the country, or buy a car, because this is available and real. Believe in yourself and open up the horizons!

Of course, there were some problems, but in this case, they were only with documents from Russia side.

This is not surprising that so many people are trying to move to America. It’s not difficult to get along with people, everything is dynamic and affordable, you will not feel alien here, because a lot of foreigners around you.

Perhaps in one day you will understand that immigration to the U.S. is one of the best decisions in your life.