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Waiting terms for Immigrant Visas

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If you have already started the process of applying for an Immigrant Visa through Relatives , you submitted all necessary documents, then how long will you waiting for?

The circumstances of each application for Permanent Resident (commonly referred as a Green Card holder) are an individual nature, so it is difficult to establish in advance, the duration of the process for obtaining a visa for each applicant.

As a rule, the following several factors influence the time of issuing an immigrant visa.Time Is Gold

The time of the established procedures at the National Visa Center and the U.S. Consulate

After the petition is approved, if it concerns a close relative or if the priority date allows you to apply for a visa, the duration of the interview appointment depends primarily on you. The sooner the instructions of the National Visa Center are implemented and the sooner all the necessary documents are provided, as the earlier the interview date will be. Usually, the interview is scheduled for the month following the month of submission of all documents. A visa is usually issued a few days after the interview.

Waiting in queue

The legislation restricts the number of visas issued to certain categories of immigrants during the year. Petitions of such persons are processed strictly in the order of the turn, based on the date of filing the petition. That process may take several years. The exact waiting period cannot be named, but the dates for which visas are issued at the given time are published monthly in a Visa Bulletin document.

Note. After granting citizenship to the petitioner, all F2A petitions (the spouse or minor child of a person with permanent resident status) are automatically transferred to the IR1 (U.S. citizen spouse) or IR2 (U.S. citizen’s child) category. Visas of these categories are not quoted and therefore issued in all cases, if the immigrant satisfies the conditions for issuing a visa. For more information, contact the U.S. Citizenship and Migration Service.