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Illegal Immigrant in the U.S.

Attitudes towards illegal immigrants in the United States

Illegal immigration is perceived in the public consciousness as a predominantly negative phenomenon. And the status of an illegal immigrant implies a violation of the country’s laws on entry and residence, its rejection of basic economic rights, from social guarantees and benefits.

But for more than one century, millions of people have voluntarily and knowingly agreed to be illegal immigrants. They leaving their homeland and searching a better life.

The USA ranks the first number in the world in terms of immigrants. In 2013, there were 45.8 million in this country immigrants, Immigrantswhich are more than 3% of the population, and 11 million of them, are illegal. Annually, 300 thousand illegal immigrants arrive in the country.

In the U.S. the attitude towards illegal immigrants is maximally tolerant and conditioned by the specific nature of a democratic society, namely: the holy conviction that human rights are dominant and superior to any other rights, including the rights of the state.

The implementation of this postulate in practice is achieved due to the high flexibility of U.S. legislation.

So, illegally being in the U.S. that is, violating the laws of this country, a person at the same time can be confident that his human rights will be met in most cases. Therefore, illegal immigrants in the United States feel quite protected.

Employed an illegal immigrant, necessarily receives a minimum wage. If the employer does not pay his salary, he has the right to complain to the court and return the debt.

Illegal immigrants in the United States, without formal medical insurance, can go to the hospital when they need emergency medical care and they will certainly receive it for free, as this will ensure their inalienable right to life.

Moreover, an illegal immigrant can open his absolutely legal business in the U.S. and be able to pay taxes officially.