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10 reasons to immigrate to the USA

Year after year, many people strive to move to the United States in search of a better life. Often difficulties arise with this, both material and emotional. But still, millions of immigrants live in the States and none of them wants to return. Let’s look at 10 reasons to immigrate to the USA.


1. Standard of living

It’s no secret that real estate, medicine, and life, in general, are expensive in the United States. However, all the high cost of living cannot compete with the level of salaries of any specialists, the level of social security, and opportunities for realizing their potential. A comparable position in America will provide a higher standard of living compared to the CIS countries.

What is a comparable position? A CIS handyman who moved to America and got a job on a construction site again will start earning more in real terms. Moreover, this is true for other professions as well. In the United States, programmers, firefighters, taxi drivers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc. can become richer. Anyone who can learn English and return to the previous level in the profession.

So, many scientists, IT specialists, economists prefer to immigrate to the United States, because there is a decent level of wages.
Consequently, for hardworking and ambitious people, the United States offers many opportunities for implementation.

The USA is a rich country with high incomes and affordable credit. However, this does not prevent forty million Americans from living below the poverty line.

However, it takes a lot of hard work to be successful. If you are hardworking, this country is ready to give you everything: decent wages, a comfortable old age and a future for children.

10 reasons to immigrate to the USA

2. Realization of potential

The USA is an ideal place for young and ambitious people who are ready to build a career and make progress in the business. This country has a place for everyone who wants to contribute and strive for career success. People with disabilities find jobs and perform important functions. People change their profession two or three times in their lives, and by driving a truck you can meet a ninety-year-old grandmother who earns money even in old age.

In many countries, after 40 people are already ready to retire. This does not apply to the United States. Many Americans go to university at this age. They receive new education in adulthood and start life from scratch.

3. Business area

The USA is an open country for private entrepreneurship. There are relatively inexpensive business loans. The business sector is highly developed and all rights are guaranteed by an independent judiciary.

America has not defeated bureaucracy. Americans still love licenses, certificates, and permits, which may be surprising for many CIS citizens now. But the bureaucratic process itself is structured transparently, and obtaining a document does not depend on a bribe to an official.

Starting a business in the USA is easy. There are a large market and a wealthy population, cheap business loans, and moderate taxes. In addition, the registration of a new company will take no more than twenty minutes.

10 reasons to immigrate to the USA

4. Political climate

The USA is a democratic country. A favorable political climate creates conditions for a quality life. And this is exactly what everyone, without exception, strives for.

Of course, in US politics, not always everything is smooth, as in many other countries. But the political situation has been relatively stable here for many years. This has a great impact on the standard of living of citizens.

5. Social climate

Quite happy and friendly people live in the USA. In this country, it is customary to treat the interlocutor with respect, to be tolerant and friendly to everyone around you. Of course, rudeness has to be encountered everywhere, but in the USA it will be rather an exception to the rule.

It is also worth noting that the United States is a multinational country, and democratic values and tolerance every year strengthen their positions in the minds of Americans. Therefore, people with different views get along freely in one country.

6. The medicine

It has long been no secret to anyone that medicine in the USA is very expensive and without insurance, it can be very difficult here. However, many people also know the fact that medicine in the States is at a very high level. The latest equipment and competent specialists are waiting for patients even in small settlements. American doctors are appreciated all over the world, especially in the fields of oncology, neurology, and transplantation.

Most medical needs are covered by standard insurance. However, it will cost several hundred dollars a month. Moreover, the cost for wealthy people can be much higher). People with incomes below a certain level receive financial assistance from the state in the form of cheap or even free insurance.

7. The future for children

Many families immigrate to the United States in order to provide a decent education and ample opportunities for realization for their children. People born in America automatically become citizens. They grow up in a natural language environment and can access the best schools, colleges, and universities in the world. The technological equipment of educational institutions, a wide selection of private schools, and teaching methods – all this attracts parents planning to move to the United States.

8. Integration for an immigrant

It is much easier for immigrants in the United States to adapt than in European countries. For example, in Germany or England, an immigrant will never become “his own” in the eyes of native citizens; among society, he will be assigned the status of a “newcomer” throughout his life. In the United States, having received citizenship, sharing American values and ideals, an immigrant becomes an American not only for the state but also for society.

Americans are very friendly and tolerant of all nationalities living in the States. In addition, it is very easy to find an area in literally every city where specific nationalities live, which makes it possible to get used to a new country in the shortest possible time.

9. Travel and leisure

Those who do not dream of moving to the USA dream of traveling around the USA. And this is not surprising, because in the States there is a wide variety of tourist activities. Inside the country, an American can visit a metropolis, a province, visit a nature reserve, a desert, go to lakes, the ocean, and the mountains.

America offers so much tourist and recreational value that many of its inhabitants did not dare to obtain a visa and make an intercontinental flight to a foreign and incomprehensible outside world in their entire lives.

10 reasons to immigrate to the USA

10. Old age

The USA is a great country to meet old age. Where else, if not in a stable country, where you can feel confident in the future? Comfortable conditions have been created here for retirees: a mild climate in many states, government programs to help the elderly, the disabled, and the poor, comfortable nursing homes, and boarding houses. There are even unique federal programs that pay relatives of retirees to take care of them on their own.

America cannot boast of high pensions, but here anyone in their working life can accumulate enough assets for a comfortable old age – with a spacious house, a good car, high-quality medicine, and regular trips within the country and abroad.