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In some American cities, unemployment is only about 1%

Unemployment in the United States is at its lowest in 50 years. In some cities, only 1% of the unemployed. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons for immigrants to move to the United States.

The lowest rates in the country were in Ames (Iowa) and Burlington South (Vermont) – just 1.3%!

Unemployment in the United States

The city with the highest unemployment rate is El Centro, California. Unemployment here is 21.2%.

Ames and Burlington-South Burlington are some of the smallest cities in America. Ames has a workforce of only 63,541. To clarify, of these, only 853 were unemployed in October. Burlington-South Burlington has a workforce of 126,489. Of these, only 1,685 were unemployed in the same month.

Each of the two cities has a significant advantage. Above all, they have one or two large employers that support their workforce. As a result, Burlington has the University Medical Center, which employed 6,400 workers.

In conclusion, unemployment in the United States tends to constantly change. Moreover, now, amid a pandemic, many Americans are left without work, just like in many countries of the world. But still, the US government is trying to take measures to eliminate unemployment in the country and this is yielding results.