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How to take the US citizenship test

First of all, one of the basic requirements during the naturalization process is to pass a test of knowledge of English and the basics of civil law.

The English test consists of three sub-tasks:

  • reading
  • letter
  • listening (speaking).

Fundamentals of Civil Law cover important historical and state themes in America.


An employee of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services during the interview will test your ability to communicate in English on Form N-400 (application for naturalization).

Initially, you will be given a text that you need to read aloud. This will demonstrate your ability to read in English. Of the three phrases, one must be read correctly. The Reading List will help you prepare for the test. The content of the texts focuses on the basis of civil law and history.

Then you will have to write one of three sentences. This will demonstrate your literacy in writing in English. A list of suggestions for writing will help in preparation.

Test on the basics of civil law

It should be noted that the test consists of 100 questions on the basics of civil law. However, during the naturalization interview, you will be asked up to 10 questions from a list. Moreover, you must answer 6 out of 10 correctly to pass the test.

In addition, you have two chances to pass the text in English and basic civil law. However, if you did not succeed at some stage in successfully passing the test, then the opportunity to re-take it will appear between the 60th and 90th day from the moment of your first interview.

US citizenship test