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U.S. Embassy Interview: Everything You Need to Know

Basic rules for interviewing at the embassy:

U.S. Embassy Interview

  • First of all, you need to check the address of the Embassy in advance. Determine how long it will take for you to arrive at the Embassy on time. Take time with a margin (40 minutes-hour, at least), counting on traffic jams and ignorance of the area.
  • Do not take a lot of things with you.
  • Be prepared for a longer queue, which you will definitely find it near the American Embassy.
  • Try to look natural, not defiant. There is no need to dress up in formal wear (no need to wear a suit and tie). However, it is better to do without bright colors, short skirts or questionable items. Clothing should be moderately modest, strict, neat and tidy.
  • Know that your belongings, as well as yourself, will be searched with a metal detector.
  • Be prepared to be asked to hand over your phone and other equipment.
  • Prepare to pass 3 queues: 1) for registration 2) for prints of all 10 fingers 3) get a ticket and proceed in line for the interview itself.
  • Be sure to rehearse at home in front of a mirror or with friends for possible questions and answers.

In what language does the interview at the US Embassy take place?

Officers speak both English and Russian. Which language they prefer to communicate with you depends on the purpose of your trip and the type of visa requested. For example, what if you go to university studies or work you must be proficient in English. In this case, the officer will want to check your level of English.

If you are traveling for tourist purposes, you do not need to know English. In this case, the interview is conducted in the native language. On average, the interview itself at the American Consulate lasts from 1 to 5 minutes.

Basic rules when communicating with an officer:

  1. Be natural, calm, smile (also natural).
  2. Look directly at the consul, even when he is looking not at you, but at the computer.
  3. Naturally, there is excitement. But even if you are nervous, try to behave with dignity and confidence, answer everything as it is. Just speak the truth.
  4. In that closet, if you misunderstood or did not hear something, ask again politely.
  5. Show patriotism and strong ties with your homeland. It is very important. You must convince the consul that you have somewhere to return. Namely, you have a well-paid job or a favorite study, family, friends, and you just love your country. The most important thing is to convince the officer that there is no immigration intention.

U.S. Embassy Interview