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Business in the USA and Benefits

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Advantages of doing business in America

The USA is a country of entrepreneurs. This statement is not a fiction, it is a fact from life, just like China is a country of merchants. It proceeds from the fact that in the U.S. almost every day a lot of original ideas are born for new lines of business. Therefore, you don’t have to think long over what you can do, you can use the existing business model.

About taxes

Currently, the U.S. relatively has low taxes, and for example in Wyoming and Nevada there are not, except for an annual re-registration fee. An agreement has been reached between the United States and the CIS countries about the inadmissibility of double taxation. The businessman who has paid the minimum taxes to the U.S. is fully and officially exempt from paying taxes in the CIS countries. Also, the owner of the company who has registered his business in the U.S. is exempt from the income taxes that will be received outside the United States, even if he is not a Resident of the U.S.

The entrepreneur in the United States has the opportunity to obtain Green Card, and American citizenship in 5 years.

If you want to start your business in the U.S., you should know some features of management in this country.

Business in the USA and benefitsNY
  1. An excellent opportunity to get a Green Card after 5 years of successful business going, and also to get the U.S. citizenship in the future.
  2. The U.S. legal system does not tolerate half-tones and omissions: it is extremely clear and accurate; therefore, any problems that may arise in the course of doing business can be solved quickly and without loss.
  3. The level of corruption in the country is unexpectedly low. The road to success can be made honestly, and you don’t have to throw money away, putting it into the pockets of amateurs who earn from someone else’s work.
  4. Opening your business in the U.S. is profitably; the rate of tax is one of the lowest in the world.
  5. The U.S. government is interested to make a business and actively develop it in the territory of their country. Therefore, a person who has decided to open own business and is ready to invest in it will be only happy.
  6. It is also important for the Government that representatives of foreign countries continue to invest in business within their states. If you are ready to invest in an American company, you can certainly move abroad.

State’s support for business in the U.S. are not just words, it is a real program that is being implemented from year to year.

While your business will function, this country will keep in support you, or if you do not need it, will not interfere in the affairs of your firm. While you are acting within the framework of the law, you can develop your business as much as you like.