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Job Seach in America

How to find a job in America?

Prestigious and highly paid work is not easy to find, especially in the States. It is necessary to exert maximum efforts. Therefore, immigrants, for a while, live without work for a month or two. And the money from home, fly away before our eyes.
But not everyone is entitled to work in the United States. For example, tourists are not allowed to work here without special permission. Only those who have a permanent visa and a Green Card or someone with a temporary work permit. There is also legislation against entrepreneurs who knowingly employ people without the right to work or illegal immigrants. However, not all entrepreneurs know these laws, others consciously violate them.

An entrepreneur in the United States should apply to the United States Department of Labor (first to the employment office) to hire a foreigner, and provide evidence that this work cannot be performed by the local population.
You can, of course, work first time as a wage worker: wash someone else’s cars or clean the sidewalks. In this case, probably, the work for you will be immediately. But, it seems, it will not be that “American dream”, behind which it was worthwhile you go there. So think twice.

BrooklynMore opportunities exist for those who intend to seek by profession. And of course if there is such opportunity, choose which city would go to, and then find the one with the developed industry for your respective specialty. Demand on engineers, programmers, scientists, and those who could not realize themselves at home. Some tips for seeking decent work can be found on the Internet, where former immigrants share their experiences. Here, for example, the experience of the one, a specialized programmer, can come in handy to everyone without exception.
“Two months after arriving in the U.S. I found a good job, without perfection knowlages of English, it gives me the right to say that I was on the right track.” – says Alex, who lives in Seattle now. It is advisable to think about work in advance before the U.S. departure. Ask the people who you worked with for the recommendations, and even better someone who are in leadership positions, has achievements, people with a name. And here it is not necessary with the stamp, but specify the names, addresses and phone numbers. Translate the documents to English immediately. Do not forget to prepare a resume, wherever you apply, the first question, about the availability of a resume, without it, even they will not speak.