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California Illegal Immigrants

Illegal residents will be afraid that the police could call to the immigration office, which in turn will deal with the processes of their deportation

Illegal afraid the police, because cops can declare to the immigration authorities. This fear is always present; such an attitude is not alien to Captain Alfred, who had moved to America many years ago without documents. The captain became a U.S. citizen after serving in the United States Armed Forces, he notes that today the deportation fear has increased due to the stiff position of Donald Trump administration and understands why people are afraid, fearing for their future, many parents do not let children to go to school yet. According to the captain, people call to the police in much less cases; calls number associated with the domestic violence danger decreased by 10% and with regard to sexual assaults by 25%. The police are concerned about this, whether this is because there are fewer crimes, or simply because the victims are afraid calling the police, thinking that their case will be transferred to Immigration Service, it can be only guessed for now.

In reality, the Los Angeles police don’t cooperate with the immigration authorities.

Such a decision was made for the population and people can trust to rights defenders. If the residents are afraid that the police can call the immigration office, which in turn may start deal with the deportation processes, then in case of need, no one will call. But the federal immigration authorities say that such position is erroneous and the police’s refusal to cooperate with them creates a threat to public security.

The “California Trust Act”Policeman

There is a law called the “Trust Act” in California, has been designed to protect illegal immigrants. This law creates a system that California’s local prisons and police can act proactively in the event that a person falls into the category of dangerous criminals and if you are not the one of them neither policemen, by state law should not apply to the immigration authorities.

There is more conservative Orange County located on the border with Los Angeles, but the local Sheriff does not like “Trust Act.” He believes that Trump and his team will use mechanisms, whether presidential decree or some other order that will enable them to keep illegal immigrants in custody until they are transferred to the immigration authorities.