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Visas Limit for Student Exchange Programs

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Trump Talking About ImmigrationTrump may terminate programs whose participants receive visas for educational and cultural exchange

Presidential Administration of the United States is considering the possibility of limiting the issuance of visas for student exchange and work for the purpose of learning the language.

This is reported by ”The Wall Street Journal” with reference to sources.

According to the publication, Trump believes that such an exchange creates competition in the labor market for young Americans.

The edition specifies that the initiative can affect five types of visas, among which the form J-1 (educational programs and cultural exchange).

It is noted that the president does not have the authority to cancel the J-1 visa, but it can terminate certain programs whose participants receive such a visa.

The exact plans of the Trump administration are unknown; they may include the closure of short-term work programs or the introduction of new requirements for their participants. In particular, employers of foreign students may be required to hire the U.S. citizens in the first place.

The U.S. State Department refused to comment on this situation, noting that the U.S. continues to execute the J-1 program.

Known, that earlier the administration of the U.S. President Donald Trump toughened the verification rules for the issuance of American visas by approving a new questionnaire for those wishing to visit the country.

It is worth noting that Donald Trump promised to prohibit the J-1 visa even during the election campaign. He stated that companies that attract cheap labor are interested in issuing J-1 visas. The billionaire is confident that the exchange students can be replaced by young specialists from the United States, creating the uniform bank resume.

Work Visa is one way to get to the U.S. and make good money here, also in some cases even get a Green Card.

A non-immigrant J-1 visa and some kind of others that allows students and representatives of some specialties to participate in the exchange program and thus gain experience in the U.S. and in some cases find a way to change the type of visa to immigration, which in the future, as is known, it makes it possible to obtain a Residence Permission.