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Indian tech boss: Trump’s H-1B visa curbs ‘will hurt’

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two men workingA top Indian executives’ confession: President Trump is bad news for an Indian broad tech industry. Trump’s “radical shift” on U.S. visa policies appeared to be even more striking, than it was predicted.

The vice chairman of major Indian outsourcing company, Vineet Nayyar, shares that Trump’s focus on curbing the immigration and changes around H-1B visa policies will really “hurt” as it could damage India’s $150 billion technology sector, according to a company income statistic.


Turns out, Trump has blamed tech firms in hiring cheap labor from abroad instead of tech workers.

To prevent this, Trump has signed an order, claiming an overhaul of the H-1B visa. Now, only “highest paid” workers will receive visas. Unfortunately, it excludes about 70% of Indian professionals, who will face more expensive and difficult application process now.

Indian tech leaders still believe situation might change, as U.S. do not have enough workers, and it makes no sense in decreasing approved visas quantity. Some tech leaders consider that changes in U.S. policy will have a positive influence on India’s workers.


Nayyar says that this new implementation should not be accepted as an obstacle, and companies should simply adopt not to lose the huge number of workers (which together comprise around 4 million people). He calls on companies to adjust their business plan to the new rules.