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USA transit visa process

The main stages of obtaining a C-1 transit visa:

1. Filling out the online visa application. To do this, you must fill out Form DS-160, then print the application form confirmation page and bring it to your interview. You must upload a photo that meets the requirements in the form.

2. Recording for an interview. To obtain a visa, you need to make an appointment for an interview. This usually happens at the US Embassy or Consulate in the country where you live. You can also schedule an interview at any US embassy or consulate, but be aware that it can be difficult to obtain a visa outside of your permanent residence. Waiting times for interviews vary by location, season, and visa category, so it is best to apply for a visa in advance.

3. Preparing for the interview. You must pay a non-refundable visa application fee.

Preparation of the necessary documents. These include:

  • Passport (valid for travel to the United States, must be valid for at least six months after your period in the States);
  • Nonimmigrant Visa Application (Form DS-160 confirmation page)
  • a receipt for payment of the registration fee and a photo that you pre-upload when filling out the online form DS-160. In case the photo was not uploaded, you must bring one printed photo in a format that meets the requirements.

Additional documentation may also be required. For example, additional documents requested may include evidence that supports:

  • the purpose of your entry into the United States is transit, traveling further to another country, and you are about to leave the States;
  • the ability to pay all expenses while in the United States;
  • Living in your country and your intention to return there.

5. Passing the interview. During the interview, the consular officer will determine if you are eligible for a visa and which visa category is suitable for your purpose of travel. You will need to prove that you meet the requirements of US law in order to obtain the visa category for which you are applying.


Recommendations for obtaining a transit visa:

  • You must clearly think over the entire route of movement. Do not book tickets and hotel rooms if you are not sure how you will get to your destination. Only after the route has been drawn up, you can start collecting the necessary documents and booking seats.
  • Before submitting all the documents, call the Call Center to make sure that you have understood everything correctly and are really ready to provide the embassy with all the necessary information about yourself.
  • Remember that getting a transit visa takes from two weeks if everything is in order with the documents. Calculate your time and do not submit documents at the last moment. It would be better to get a visa a little earlier than on the last day to find out that you will not be able to stay even in the transit zone of the airport and because of this the trip is disrupted.