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Working on a cruise ship – where to start

A job that brings a decent income and gives you the opportunity to visit different parts of the world sounds like a fairy tale. With the development of the cruise industry, more and more people want to occupy their position on the liner, but for the majority it remains only a dream. The reason is simple: ignorance.

Residents of most countries can get a job in the USA, namely to work for the benefit of American cruise companies. First, you need to choose the desired position that corresponds to your work experience, write your resume correctly and apply. Here you can choose: directly to the company, if you are confident in yourself, or through a recruiting firm that will support you from the interview to the first step on the deck. It is worth remembering that knowledge of English is a must for any department.


Next, you need to undergo a medical examination. In order not to waste time and money, it is important to pay attention to all the details: most often, a medical examination should be taken only in centers accredited by the company. If everything is successful at this stage, congratulations. You can apply for a US transit visa. The visa application process is not complicated, but it requires a lot of responsibility. Filling out a lot of paperwork will certainly take some time. If the situation here is crowned with success, there is little left: to take the course and get a certificate of familiarization with the safety rules on the ship and get a sailor’s passport.

The whole process of preparing documents takes about two months, followed by waiting for a job offer. Here you can rely only on luck: you can leave in a month, or in a year. But you will definitely have enough time to collect everything you need in your suitcase because you will be able to return home only after six months – this is how long the contract lasts on average.

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