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Are children born overseas of the same American parent automatically eligible for US citizenship?

Let’s imagine this situation: you meet the man of your dreams and immediately find out that he is from America. However, regardless of language and mental differences, you fell in love with each other. And then one day your partner says that he urgently needs to return to the United States for an indefinite period. It upsets you many times more since you are pregnant and do not want the child to be away from the father.

Your man immediately invites you to move to his country, but it becomes clear that childbirth is not far off and flights are highly undesirable. In the future, you will want to agree to the proposal of your beloved, but it is not an easy mission to draw up documents for yourself. And what can we say and what to do with the citizenship of the child if he was born outside the States?

I have identified one of the possible situations, but the solution is often the same everywhere. Well, let’s look at the main provisions that will help us obtain citizenship for children born in another country.

  1. An unmarried couple (dual citizenship) An illegitimate child of a US citizen who was born outside the United States can acquire citizenship of that country through a parent who:
  • either Native American;
  • or a person who has gone through the naturalization process.

You can study this issue in more detail at the link: https://www.usaimmigrationapplication.org/citizenship/citizenship-through-parents

So, on the basis of a birth certificate, you have the right to safely apply for a child’s US Passport, while your child will have dual citizenship. However, do not forget that a mother, who, for example, is from Ukraine, will not come to live in America just because her child can stay there as long as she wants. Read about this in the next paragraph.

2. The child was born into a married couple.

Even if the American and Ukrainian / Russian parents are officially married, this does not negate the fact that their child in any case has a chance to obtain citizenship in America without being there. Undoubtedly, this functions due to various factors, such as: recognition of paternity, consent to financial support before the child reaches the age of 18, confirmation that the American parent has been inside his country for more than 5 years, and others.

To legalize the presence of the second parent in the States, you must apply for a Green Card through Marriage. You can study the procedure here: https://www.usaimmigrationapplication.org/green-card/green-card-marriageчч

3.  How do children get a US passport?

We figured out the reasons why children can get citizenship. How is this established by law?

To apply for a US passport, it is sufficient to have one or two parents who are US citizens. And at the same time, the child can live abroad.

There are also instructions for submitting documents for a passport, application features, and other nuances prescribed in our article Application US Passport https://www.usaimmigrationapplication.org/us-passport/us-passport-application

In conclusion, I would like to summarize that it is not difficult to find out what to do with the citizenship of the child, if he was not born within the borders of the country where he wants to live in the future or be its legal citizen. Remember that if your husband or wife is a real American / American or naturalized person, then the children are in any case entitled to automatic citizenship. Read us to be aware of this topic!