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How to ask for political asylum?

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Those people who are afraid to return home for a number of real or imagined reasons (political persecution, ethnic or racial origin, faith, the persecution of the business, sexual orientation, and marital violence) may seek the political asylum in the United States. According to the founders of the American visa center, now there are a lot of Russians and Ukrainians, especially from the eastern regions, the Crimea and the people who worked with the previous government, who fear for their business in the country of residence. About 90% people who are asking for asylum are not wealthy. As a rule, these are people who gathered around 5 thousand dollars and decided to start life all over again.

In order to apply for asylum, the refugee must go through the following stages:

  1. Submission of the application and the opening of the case. The refugee can apply for asylum petition at the airport on arrival, but not later than one year after the arrival in the United States.
  2. An interview with an immigration officer. To prepare for the interview is almost impossible, as the officer may put questions that do not relate to the theme of the interview.
  3. Obtaining the political asylum or transferring the case to the Immigration Court. It all depends on the interview passing, if the status is not available, then the refugee must prepare to contest in the court.
  4. If the court refuses, the fugitive can appeal the decision to the Federal Court, the chances are very high.
  5. The chances of getting the status depend on the level of evidence, immigration officers and judges, so the refugee need to approach responsibly the choice of a lawyer who will protect refugee and his/her history.

It must be noticed that the refugees are not allowed visiting the homeland for over 5 years; during the registration of the status the refugee can legally work, the request for work is submitted in 150 days after the filing of the application for refugee status.