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Citizenship for U.S. Newborns

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Making documents for a child born in the U.S.

Making documents for a child born in the U.S. this is one of the key points to become citizen of the United States.

Many applicants are afraid that the American documents for the baby is difficult to do, but this is one of the simplest tasks in organizing the entire trip for the birth in the United States.

Newborn With American FlagIn the U.S. you can get three documents for a newborn:

  • Birth certificate
  • SSN
  • Passport

In fact, the birth certificate is the main document that confirms U.S. citizenship and can be obtained within a week after childbirth.

Based on the U.S. Birth Certificate, you can get all the missing documents and with already confirmed the birth certificate you can make out the documents of your residence country and a national passport.

SSN (Social Security Number) you will receive approximately between 1-4 weeks after delivery.
An American passport is usually issued maximum in 6 weeks, but in practice it takes less than a month to file an application and receive a passport.
According to the accelerated procedure, the passport can be obtained within maximum 2 weeks, in reality it happens faster.
There is also a so-called internal passport (plastic card), which can be ordered for $30, but usually no one uses it.

After the birth of the child in the U.S. hospital (any state, the procedure is the same everywhere) you will be given a questionnaire and you need to fill in into the data that will be recorded in the Birth Certificate and SSN, you fill out all the necessary data and leave the original in the hospital.

It is very important to think in advance how you will name the child and know the correct spelling of his name according to the rules of transliteration in your residence country. Otherwise, in your national documents the name can be written differently than you wanted.

Also, think in advance whether you want the child will have a middle name, then it should be indicated in the column “middle name”.

You can also specify in the questionnaire how many Birth Certificate do you want to get, all of them will have equal legal force, but different numbers. Optimal to order 3 copies: one for registration of a foreign passport, one for an Apostille (that is, which will operate in your country of residence) and another one just in case.

The Birth Certificate will be ready in a few days, it can be taken away from the Health Department or you can order delivery to your address by mail (it takes a little longer).

The birth certificate is the first document of an American citizen and in fact it is a confirmation of the child’s American citizenship. Many mistakenly believe that the main proof of American citizenship is that the child has a foreign passport, but this is not true. Passport you can get or not, but most importantly, the first confirmation of U.S. citizenship for the child is a birth certificate.

If your flying to America on a tourist visa or some other one, to give birth to a child in the U.S. so the kid immediately gets citizenship at the place of birth, but what about the parents?
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