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How to get a U.S. passport for a child?

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us passport for childIt is well-known fact that children born in the United States have the right to acquire U.S. citizenship at birth, as well as children born abroad, but from American parents (or one U.S. parent). For this reason, many mothers go to the U.S. on a tourist visa just to give birth to a child there. So how can you apply for a U.S. passport for a newborn citizen?

Russian citizen Anna Parshutkin and her American husband Eugene (now a U.S. citizen) decided to make a U.S. passport for their child not immediately. You can make a passport the next day after getting social security number and birth certificate, it all depends on the parents desire. The boy Maxim was born in September, and the parents have started the process to obtain a passport in January.

In order to obtain a passport you will need: birth certificate, which is issued automatically on the basis of papers that were filled in the hospital 6-8 weeks after birth; driver’s license or ID of both parents and their copies; completed but not signed Form DS11 (an application for a passport); one color photo 5×5 cm; and two checks for payment services (the cost of the passport + delivery).

Department of State issues U.S. passports. On the site of Department of State you can choose what type of passport you want: in the form of paper book (Passport book, gives an opportunity to travel abroad) or in the form of a plastic card (Passport card, which allows you to move easily within the country, as well as to nearby countries – Mexico and Canada). You can also select the production time and delivery of passport (the standard terms of registration – 4-6 weeks). Obviously, the faster you want to get a passport, the more you will have to pay.

There are also some requirements for passport photos. Your photos must be 2×2 inches (5x5cm), printed on thin photo paper, acceptance facilitymade in the last six months, made in everyday clothes. Photographing a child is not easy, especially for official documents. Parshutkin Anna says, “For Max everything went perfectly. During photographing, we entertained the son with his favorite rattle. He behaved like an angel. The seller said that this is the first child that does not cry. For this, he made us a nice gift – a small discount. Something for nothing! “- Anna recognized.

Then you need to carry all the documents to the passport office. In the U.S., organizations that accept the documents, called “Acceptance Facility”. While submitting the documents for children’s passport, both parents must be present. It takes about three weeks since the submission of documents and obtaining a passport. A birth certificate and passport are returned by mail back.