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What does the “visa-free regime” mean and what are the advantages?

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Passport UkraineJune 11 was the first day when the citizens of Ukraine could enter countries of the European Union without a visaIn order to achieve the abolition of visas, Ukraine carried out a number of reforms prescribed in the Action Plan on visa liberalization with the EU. The creation of anti-corruption structures, electronic declarations of civil servants, reforms in the field of migration, document security, human rights protection – all this have become real after the “visa-free dialogue” between Ukraine and the European Union.

To understand how the visa-free regime works, it is enough to read the terminology of the EU, which says “abolition of visa requirements for short-term trips.” Consequently, we are not talking about those who want to stay there for a long time, but only about those who want to visit the countries of the European Union. Work for tourists who have come to visit one of the European Union countries for a short time is also prohibited. On this reason that a tourist can be asked to provide documents confirming his intention to return to Ukraine – for example, a return ticket.


What kinds of trip are included to “visa-free“?

These can be business or tourist trips, including short trips, with the purpose of visiting friends and relatives.

Visa-free regime allows Ukrainian citizens to stay in the territory of EU countries for not more than 90 days during the 180-day period. It also allows to visit sports events, short-term trainings (courses), undergo treatment or relax. It is important that this regime does not give the right to work in the EU countries, and to permanent residence. To do this, one should make out a special work visa or residence permission.


Citizens of Ukraine who have already received new biometric passports can take advantage of the visa-free regime, however, with a passport of the old model, tourists must first obtain a visa for entry.

The EU encourages tourists to be attentive and respectful of the law, since the status of a traveler does not absolve a person from duties and responsibilities along with EU citizens.