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Demand on Highly Skilled Immigrants to the U.S.

The USA attracts only highly skilled immigrants to the labor market, especially those who speak English and are qualified, will benefit the country’s economy.

TrumpPresident of the United States Donald Trump presented a new bill on immigration reform, aimed at changing the system of granting a residence permit in the United States, reports kommersant.ru. The goal of this reform is to reduce legal immigration in the United States. Read also The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked Obama’s migration plan The document says that priority for issuing a Green Card will be given to highly qualified immigrants who speak English.

“This competitive application process will help candidates who can speak English, provide financial support to themselves and their families and demonstrate skills that can be beneficial to the U.S. economy”

According to the President of the United States, the new bill will help raise the salaries of American employees. As the ABC News television channel notes, in 2015 about a million immigrants were registered in the USA. The U.S. Supreme Court in June agreed to consider the arguments of the administration of President Donald Trump in favor of his immigration decree. The last version of the decree was adopted in March, it banned the entry into the United States for residents of six Muslim countries, and also stopped reception of refugees.

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